Crazy Time hits giga jackpot of 10.7 million

Last week a gigantic jackpot hit the popular game Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming. This live casino game show is presented live from a studio and dozens of casinos are connected to it simultaneously. As a result, thousands of players play the game simultaneously.

Live casino games are immensely popular. Especially the games from Evolution Gaming. The most popular games at the moment are Lightning Roulette, Monopoly Live and Crazy Time.

Evolution Gaming makes top live games

Casino software developer Evolution Gaming has developed in recent years as a specialist when it comes to live casino games. One blockbuster is followed by the next. Players clearly find it entertaining and fun to play a game together.

The Crazy Time game revolves around a Wheel of Fortune that is spun live by a casino host. These hosts really make a show of it and interact with the players. The players feel that they are very involved in the game and that is perhaps the strength of the game.

But you can also win very large sums of money with it. So that also makes it interesting to play the game. That’s all because of the multipliers. Last week, a bonus game really hit the spot and earned each player 5000x their stake. This resulted in a total amount of 10.7 million euros that was divided among 2005 players based on their wagers.

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Some big winners

There were players who had wagered quite a bit on this bonus. Maximum amount that may be wagered on the bonus Pachinko is €125 per game. The player with the nickname “Relus22” had wagered a whopping 100 euros on Pachinko, and due to the multipliers he received 5001x his deposit back. The gigantic amount of €500,100 was credited to his account in one go.

Crazy Time is especially attractive because of the bonuses

The game works basically like a wheel of fortune. On the wheel are several numbers and some bonuses. The setup is simple. If you bet on a number, the possibilities are 1, 2, 5 and 10, and that particular number falls, you will receive the number back times your bet plus your original bet.

So if you bet 2 euros on the number 10 and the wheel stops on 10, you will receive 11 x 2 = 22 euros back. There are also 4 different bonuses spread over various areas of the wheel. Gambling on these bonuses is the most exciting part of the game because that’s where the hits can fall.

But before the wheel comes to a stop, there is always a spin on a separate device for a multiplier. This multiplier is linked to one of the possible outcomes of the wheel. This multiplier can be as high as 50x. That does make it very interesting.

This is probably the reason for the popularity of the game. Something always happens with 4 different bonuses in this game. 1 in 6 spins a bonus falls. Only which one falls is up to the player to gamble on.

The nice thing about the bonuses is that they are interactive. The players can help determine the outcome of the bonus game by making their own choices. This makes it a very exciting, fun but also frustrating game. It could be that you choose a bonus amount that is much less than the choice of another player. That too is Crazy Time.

Highest jackpot ever at a live casino game

The 10.7 million euros that fell last week is the largest jackpot that has fallen at a live casino game. While there are online slots games with a progressive jackpot that have paid out higher jackpots, table games or live casino games have not. And to think that it’s not even the highest jackpot possible at Crazy Time. There are bonus games where the total multiplier can be even much higher. So it’s just a matter of time when another million dollar jackpot will hit this game.