Crazy Blackjack

It combines this with various extensions and bonus games that can be played for more winnings, but of course also for more fun. Besides the normal sidebets with regular bet values, this variant also has a sidebet with a jackpot, where you can win much higher amounts.

Crazy Blackjack will drive you crazy!

Partly due to the chance of high winnings, Crazy Blackjack is only offered by the online casino 888. This game is played with four decks of cards without jokers, and is played at a so-called multi-hand table, where a player can play more than one hand at a time.

The sidebets that can be played in this game are called Safe Bet, Highest Hand, and 777 Blackjack. Before a sidebet can be played you must always place the regular bet first.

Crazy BlackjackCrazy Blackjack

  • Safe bet

    The safe bet, or safe hand, is a sidebet that you can place before the first two cards are dealt. The side bet can be less than, but never more than, your initial bet. You can make this sidebet if you think that your first cards combined are worth twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen points, neither card is an ace, and the cards do not contain the same value.

    So if you think your cards will be too low to win, you can play the safe bet to end the round with a profit even if you lose the round. This is because if you don’t win a round, you lose your bet. But if you win the safe bet, your side bet is doubled by one and a half. This way you end up winning more than you lose. If you play more than one hand in a round, you can also bet on more than one hand. The side bet can be played up to three times in a row.

  • Highest hand

    The highest hand is a side bet that you can only make if you are playing more than one hand in that round. You must make this sidebet before the first two cards are dealt, and the value of the bet can never be more than the value of your initial bet, although it can be less. You play this sidebet on one of the hands you are playing, if you think it will have the highest value.

    The profit of this sidebet depends on the number of hands you play that round. For two hands, the value of the bet is doubled once. For three hands, the value is doubled three times. If you get blackjack with the hand you placed the side bet on, the bet is doubled for two hands. For three hands, it is doubled seven times. In addition to the side bet, you can of course win the original bet with the highest hand. This is if the bet is higher than that of the bank or any other players. This sidebet may be played a maximum of three times in a row, and can only be played on one hand per round.

  • 777 Blackjack

    One of the most distinct and interesting sidebets in Crazy Blackjack is the 777 Blackjack rule. The bet in this bonus game is always one euro. Also this sidebet must be placed before the first cards are dealt. You can play this side bet if you think that the first two cards you receive are both sevens. After the first cards are dealt you must get a third seven to win the side bet.

    If you actually have two sevens you are not allowed to pass or split the sevens. If you end up with three random sevens, you win €1500 euros. If you have three spade sevens, you win the Jackpot of a whopping €30,000 euros. This is the highest payout of all the sidebets that exist in the different variants of Blackjack. You may also play this sidebet a maximum of three times in a row, and only on one hand per round, even if you play more than one hand. (English sources indicate that the betting value for this sidebet is £1 pounds, and the Jackpot is £15,000 pounds).