Common mistakes when gambling online

There are many advantages to gambling online. For starters, you don’t have to leave your house to earn winnings and there is a much wider range of games on offer at an online casino.

However, there are also mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino. This often has to do with your choice of casino, the way you play and using your own budget.

Mistakes you can make when playing at online casinos

On this page we’re going to explain a few things that have everything to do with mistakes you can make when playing at online casinos. Make sure you’re prepared when you play by reading our explanation carefully. Have you done so?

1. Play with money immediately

Many people who gamble at online casinos make the mistake of playing with their own money right away. Logically, you want to go for the win, but you don’t have to use your own credit right away. If you’re completely new to online gambling, it’s even advisable to take a look for free first. The website of every online casino is accessible without the need for logging in. You can then explore the games on offer by clicking around and even play for free. You can then choose your casino once you know what to expect from a specific gaming environment.

2. Wrong choice of casino

On the internet you can find hundreds of different online casinos to place a bet at. Although every casino should be reliable this is not always the case. This point is one of the most common mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino. People often click on the first best casino and go for a gamble.

Gambling mistakes

Make sure you only play at a Dutch licensed online casino.

It’s better to first look at what a casino has to offer in terms of games, bonuses and whether they have licenses to offer gambling. This is the very reason why we have created our best casino bonuses site. Here you will find only reviews of reliable online casinos where you can safely gamble with your own money.

3. Budget Limit Exceeded

If we have to give you a series of casino tips we’ll certainly never forget one on managing a budget. Among the mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino, handling money is often a hurdle. After all, we all play to win, but don’t all have the same budget. Before you start playing with money at an online casino, it is advisable to see how much money you can spare. This is based on the amount of money you have left over each month from your salary or what you have saved up.

The ultimate goal, of course, is always to not get into trouble when you gamble. Therefore, never play more money than you can afford to lose. This way you will always be able to pay your bills and still have that one chance to make a profit.

4. Forgetting to cash in a casino bonus

Online casinos have many advantages when it comes to playing for money. After all, you can always use casino bonuses online to earn winnings. Your entire adventure begins with a welcome bonus when you start gambling as a new player. The important thing is that you often have to indicate that you want to make use of the welcome bonus. Often this is the first time you log in, but it is also a point that comes up during the registration form.

Did you forget to mention that you would like to receive the welcome bonus? Then you are missing out! After all, it is a one-time offer that new gamblers are awarded. Intermediate bonuses, of course, often apply over a period of time, but are less easy to forget since you have more time to collect them. Keep this in mind among the mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino.

5. Bonus withdrawals which are almost impossible to clear

Despite the fact that you shouldn’t forget to cash out a bonus there is something else you should pay attention to. Among the mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino it is also useful to take into account the bonus terms. These were created to prevent direct payouts of bonuses. While this makes sense, because casinos would quickly be bankrupt if they paid out a bonus directly, it is also abused.

It’s the dishonest casinos that set the wagering requirements so high that it’s actually no longer feasible. For example, if you have to clear more than 50 times the bonus money you get from a casino before you can withdraw it, you’d better stop or choose not to accept any casino bonus.

6. Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Mistakes you make when playing at an online casino do not only come from handling money or bonuses. Your own behavior is also very important. To be able to play sensibly with real money you need to keep your wits about you. Therefore, don’t consume too much alcohol and don’t use drugs when you’re going to gamble. This makes you less lucid, which in turn makes you more likely to convince yourself to take that extra step. We are of course talking about continuing to gamble when you can’t really afford to lose any more money. In addition, authorities often see that people who gamble under the influence develop a gambling addiction. Since you are more easily influenced, mistakes are more likely to be made when playing at online casinos. Pay attention and avoid an unnecessary gambling addiction!

7. Gambling on games with low payout rates

When gambling at online casinos, it’s important to make a good choice of games. First of all, we suggest you only play for money on a game you know. Are you a fan of roulette, blackjack or video slots? Then start there and don’t open any other gambling games for money. What you can do if you don’t know a game is of course play for free. This is without logging into an account and with virtual credits. On the other hand, you should take into account that different payout percentages apply. In the online slots of NetEnt you can see this for example in the prize table. Usually the minimum payout is theoretically around 94% and you can receive up to 98% payout on the games. In Carribean Stud Poker, for example, it is only 94.74%.

8. Dishonest data entered when signing up

Despite the fact that there are many safe casinos to be found online, it is often scary for visitors to enter data. Many people therefore choose to enter a false name. Do you do this or fill in a false address or account number? Then this can get you in trouble. Indeed, in the terms and conditions of all casinos, it appears that this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino.

When you gamble with money and you win, the data must be correct during verification. This takes place, for example, on an identity card if you have won a sum of money. Does the data not match? Then it is often legitimate for a casino to withhold any winnings. In the worst case your account may even be blocked until the correct details are consulted. All this is logically to prevent fraud in online gambling.

9. Being too psychologically involved with gambling

If you gamble at a casino in order to win prizes, you can make use of various strategies. Usually people choose blackjack or roulette strategies, but also by playing with your bets on slots you can often come a long way. Mistakes you can make when playing at an online casino with such strategies? Getting too caught up in it.

Although you should follow a strategy as closely as possible, it can happen that you only lose. For example, are you playing roulette with the Martingale strategy on one color and the opposite color keeps falling? Then it’s better to take your losses and start all over again. After all, there are always limits to your bets and these limits can become a hindrance when using strategies. Don’t let a certain way of playing or thinking influence your bets. This can also make you psychologically willing to place extra bets that may not be possible within your budget!

10. Blaming others for your losses

Once you take the step to gambling, you are responsible for the actions you take. You know in advance that there is no guarantee of winning. Chances of winning are there and you can take them by placing your bets with money. If it doesn’t go as you hoped? Never blame other people. This is also one of the mistakes you can make when playing at online casinos.

People around you can’t do anything about the losses you’ve made. After all, they didn’t place the bet and weren’t responsible for the results that were generated. In conclusion, we would therefore like to emphasize the importance of handling a budget wisely and knowing when to stop!