Classic Blackjack Gold

The game offers all the fun and excitement of the classic game with updated animation and faster playing times.

The classic game with an elegant twist: Classic Blackjack Gold

Classic Blackjack Gold is played with only one deck of cards, without jokers. The cards are shuffled after the end of each round before the start of the next round. The playing screen is tilted so that you actually feel like you are at a real gaming table.

The table itself has a much more elegant finish and is now made of wood, and graphically the game has also been vastly improved. The animations in the game are effortless and do not falter. They show all the normal activities of the game, such as dealing the cards and moving the chips around the table.

Blackjack Classic GoldBlackjack Classic Gold

Standard rules

In Classic Blackjack Gold, as the name suggests, you play the rules of the classic game of Blackjack. The goal of the game is to get 21 points, or else get as close as possible, but absolutely not go over. Ideally, you should get 21 points right away in the first round. That way you get blackjack and win automatically, unless another player also has blackjack. If you get more than 21 points in your hand, you automatically lose.

The players all receive two cards, and the dealer only one, which is placed face-up on the table. If the values of the cards in your hand are less than sixteen, you are obliged to draw another card; if you have seventeen or more points in your hand, you may stop. The dealer is obliged to stop at seventeen or more points.

How to play

Once you have seen your own and the dealer’s cards, you have several options to choose from. First, you look at the values of your own cards. If you have two cards with the same value, such as two jacks, you can choose to split these two cards. You then place your bet again on the second card, and play the rest of this round with two games. Also, additional cards can then be played on both games without limit.

You can only split your cards once in the game, unless you have split two aces and get a third ace on either of your games. When that happens you can choose to split again, or keep the ace there. If you choose not to split, you will not receive any more cards either. If your cards total nine, ten, or eleven points, you can choose to double. In doing so, you bet double on your cards, but you only get one additional card played afterward.


Although Classic Blackjack Gold is based on the standard rules of Blackjack, there are differences between different casinos or websites that offer the game. For instance, some versions allow the dealer to continue playing until the total of sixteen points is reached, instead of seventeen.

Also, some versions allow you to bet insurance, while others do not. The insurance bet is placed if the dealer has a chance of getting blackjack. This consists of half of your original bet. If the dealer gets blackjack, your insurance is doubled, allowing you to compensate for the loss of your bet. If the dealer does not get blackjack you lose the insurance.

In addition, some variations of this game allow you to surrender, and some do not. When you surrender you only lose half of your bet, rather than your entire bet when loses at the end of the round. So when you want to play this game, it’s important not to rely only on your own prior knowledge. You should also read the rules of the specific website or casino where you play Classic Blackjack Gold.