Cheating in Las Vegas

Everywhere you go, there are pranks that are not so nice. It is no different in the casino.

There too, the key is to watch out for cheating and make sure you don’t experience something that is to your disadvantage.

Cheating in Las Vegas

What is the main thing to watch out for when you’re in a casino? Because Las Vegas is full of casinos, you’ll find a lot of people trying to cheat. We’ve listed the most common scams so you’ll know what to look out for.

Beware of pickpockets

First of all, watch out for pickpockets. They can be found in many places but especially in the casino because money plays an important role there. You’ve certainly seen the classic pickpocket’s methods of cheating people out of money and other possessions, but that’s not all you need to look out for in a casino. You can also be cheated in other ways.
Beware of pickpockets
Beware of pickpockets

Pickpocketing is also possible in casinos at slot machines.

This has to do with playing slot machines. If you do this in a real casino, then someone will try to distract you by starting a conversation. His or her accomplice will meanwhile steal the coins you use to place your bets. This can also happen digitally if a cheater hits the payout button before you do. Thieves will leave no stone unturned to cheat someone else out of their money. And away goes your fun evening of gambling and gaming.

Beware of skimming

Stealing cash is attractive to thieves but they certainly don’t shy away from going a step further. In a place like Las Vegas, almost everyone has cash in their pocket (most people come there to gamble anyway). Don’t have this? Then you’ll find on every street corner an ATM where you can withdraw the necessary cash. And that is where the danger lurks, because a bank card can be skimmed.

What happens if your bank card is skimmed?

For skimming, criminals place a special device on the machine with which they can read your data. This also allows them to withdraw money from your account. This kind of scam is often only discovered after a while so be wary of it and don’t use every random ATM you come across. Or make sure you get money from the machine you always visit and take that with you to the casino.

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Scams also take place on the street

Another example of a scam you can encounter in Las Vegas often happens on the street. There you can also gamble in many places and there is nothing wrong with that. It can be very exciting and you can win some nice things with some luck. However, also keep in mind that you can be cheated. Everyone knows ‘Ballet Ballet’ where three cups and a ball are used and you get to guess under which cup the ball lies.

And you rarely get it right, because you are cheated out of your wits and you also run the risk of being rolled in the process. Another form of deception that you encounter on the streets (and really not only in back alleys) is that people try to sell you products that you do not really want. Before you know it, you’ve bought something you didn’t really want.

When players cheat

Tommy Glenn Carmichael may have thought that what someone else can do, I can do as well when he gambled on slot machines. He also knew how to cheat. He did not cheat with one of the games but with the way the payouts were made. To do this, he developed a device that messed up the payout. Not only did it pay out more than usual, but the device also stopped working because the technology behind it was messed up.

Consequences of the cheating

At first he didn’t even really notice that he was winning a lot but he was eventually caught out. His cheating got him a prison sentence (after all, what he did was illegal) and he was banned from the casinos in Las Vegas. How much he managed to cheat the casinos out of in advance is not entirely clear but it will not have been small.

Cheating at the gaming table in the casino

The last type of scam takes place at the tables in the casino. It’s not really about cheating but about playing by certain rules. Consider, for example, the introduction of the Triple 0 (000) at the Roulett table. Normally most Roulett games only have a 0 or double 00 but when a 000 is added it means that the chances of getting another number become less. In this case the advantage of the casino itself only increases and therefore you as a player are disadvantaged.

You can get cheated at blackjack too

Also at the blackjack table there are certain rules that are definitely not in favor of the player. For instance, nowadays there are the 6:5 tables where you as a player are at a disadvantage when it comes to payouts. The casino’s home field advantage is greater here and it is even recommended by other players to choose another table. In any case, before you start playing blackjack, make sure you know what the rules are so you know where you stand. A fun and exciting game is nice, but you also want to get something out of it.

So how do you prevent cheating?

What can you do to avoid cheating in Las Vegas? Choose reliable and legal gambling establishments and avoid street gambling. Take care of yourself and your money and don’t just go to an ATM in the Middle of Nowhere or anywhere you don’t trust. Also beware of pickpockets because they are everywhere.

Do not cheat yourself

Cheating yourself is not recommended, even though you might be tempted to do so from time to time. There is a lot of security in the casino (both human and camera) and cheating is not exactly appreciated and is even illegal. It can get you a punishment in jail or a ban from gambling so it is better to just keep it clean and do a nice game honestly.

Let the police handle the case if things go unexpectedly wrong

Are you careful and do you pay attention? Even then you can still have the misfortune of being cheated or robbed. In that case it’s best to go to the police to report it and you can only hope that they can solve it for you. Do you suspect the casino of fraud? Then you can report it to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. They will then investigate to see what is wrong and if there is indeed a scam.