Cheating at Blackjack

When we talk about cheating at Blackjack, people almost immediately think of card counting at Blackjack. But counting cards is not cheating. It is allowed to do so, even if it is extremely difficult.

So what do we mean by cheating at Blackjack? In fact, we mean another form of cheating at blackjack. Which can be simply summarized as “lying. Here are the five main ways players lie in an attempt to win more money at blackjack.

Pretending not to receive an extra card at all

n its most basic form, this means that a player asks for a card and then claims that he did not want it, if the card breaks his hand. Players will try this even if they have clearly tapped their square for a card, or verbally asked for a card. They then expect the dealer to take back the card they have now decided they do not want.

A variation of this is waiting to see what the blackjack dealer gets, and then deciding they didn’t want the card they asked for.

Pretending that you did want to receive a card.

This is an opposite action to example 1. In this case, the player already has a high number, say 17 for convenience, and he passes. Then the banker has a 10 and takes an Ace to get to Blackjack. The player then claims that he did want a card and that the Ace should have been his.

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Pretending that they actually wanted to double

So in this case, a player asks for a card, and if it turns out to be a good one, they claim that they wanted to double their original bet. Of course, they didn’t ask to double, or make a move that they wanted to double. So they gave no indication that they wanted to double, because of course this is only something they decided after the fact once they saw the card!

Betting outside the limits of the table

Players sometimes bet above or below the table minimum on purpose, hoping that the dealer won’t notice and that they can turn that to their advantage. If they bet below the table minimum and they lose, they declare that it was an invalid bet.

They ask for their money back, on the grounds that the dealer should not have allowed it. If the player wins, they want to be paid out as if they bet the highest amount that met the table minimum. Conversely, if a player bets over the maximum and they lose, they want the difference back!

Accidentally placing the wrong chip

This way often goes as follows. A player constantly bets 3 chips of $10 and thus constantly plays with an iznet of $30. Then, all of a sudden, he intentionally exchanges the bottom chip for a $100 chip. If the player loses, he claims he wanted to play €30 again just like all his previous hands. If he wins, however, he simply claims €120. This scam also happens the other way around. For example, constantly 3 chips at $100 and then suddenly $225. When they lose they say nothing but when they win they claim they just wanted to bet €300 again.

So you see, people get inventive when it comes to money. Some people deliberately want to cheat the casino. The big advantage of online casinos is that everything is done with the click of a player’s mouse. As a result, there will never be cases where the player can claim that the dealer misunderstood him.