Celebrities who gambled and were successful

Taking a gamble is something that many people like to do from time to time. However, it’s not only unknown people you’ll find in the casino, because among the players you’ll also find celebrities. They’re the ones who take a chance (and usually have a pretty big budget to put down). In doing so, they are following the example of the movies in which they may have played a role themselves.

Despite the fact that the celebrity can bet more money than the average person, this is no guarantee for success. He or she must also have the necessary talent. At least if he wants to be successful in the casino or while gambling online. Money alone is no guarantee of success, but higher stakes will of course yield more with a little luck.

Celebrities who have also made their name in the gambling world

Among the gamblers who are known for other reasons such as the film or music world, there are also several people who have achieved considerable success when it comes to gambling. We have therefore listed five well-known and successful gamblers for you.

Actor and producer Ben Affleck

First, we mention Ben Affleck. This American actor has already won Oscars in his career and has worked on numerous films. Think Batman, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbour and these are just a few examples. In addition to being an actor, Affleck is a scriptwriter, producer and director and is known as a successful gambler. He won the California State Poker Championship in 2004 and is an adept poker player. He also regularly plays Blackjack. This has even led to him no longer being welcome at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. This is because he won too much.

Rapper 50 Cent

To many people 50 Cent is known as a rapper but the best man also works as an actor, singer, songwriter and producer. He was discovered by Eminem and his career has not exactly paid off. Financially, he is doing very well and has managed to spend his earnings on online gambling on various sports. He is certainly not too frugal with his bets: a bet of half a million dollars on the outcome of a sports match is no exception. He is not only an extravagant artist but also an extravagant gambler who knows how to be successful at it. And high stakes, of course, can also lead to high returns.

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather

The next person in the list is Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is one of the best and most successful boxers ever and also promoter of the sport. In his sporting career, the boxer managed to win all fifty professional boxing matches he entered into and became a world champion in his class several times. Besides being a world-famous boxer, he is a famous gambler who does not hesitate to bet high amounts. However, he also knows how to win well with it so he is not out of place in this list of successful and famous gamblers.

Illusionist Derren Brown

Someone who should not be missing from this list of celebrities is Derren Brown. This Englishman is known as an illusionist and author. Brown produced several shows on stage and television and then achieved success on Broadway. He frequented various casinos in London for years before he really achieved great success but as he became more and more successful after that, he was even banned from the venues there. He was clearly costing them too much money despite the fact that he didn’t bet huge amounts while gambling. Do you think that as an illusionist he has special gifts that give him an advantage while gambling? Nothing could be further from the truth because he plays in the same way as other gamblers and certainly has no foresight that has led him to great success in the casino. Nothing magical about it, then.

Writer and presenter Victoria Coren Mitchel

After four gentlemen, the last person in the list of celebrities who are also successful in the casino is a woman. Her name is Victoria Coren Mitchel and this English lady is known as a writer and presenter as well as a professional poker player. She was the first poker player to win two major European tournaments. She won tournaments that were televised where both professional players and well-known players participated and her winnings are estimated to be around two million pounds. She continues to reap success and as a poker player is hard to beat by other players.

Other gambling celebrities

This list of celebrities is, of course, just an example. Of course, new gambling celebrities are being added all the time. The chance that there are celebrities among them is certainly considerable. People who are famous often have a considerable income. With this, they can really go wild and bet some nice amounts. And the higher the stakes, the bigger the winnings, of course.