Celebrities like to gamble too

Even celebrities like to gamble from time to time and are therefore regularly spotted in casinos. The fact that they are spotted is not always a bad thing but if they lose, the gossip press gets wind of it and that is not so pleasant for them.

Examples of celebrities who are also known for their gambling activities include golfer Tiger Woods and actors Tobey Maguire and Charlie Sheen.

Tiger Woods is not averse to a little gambling

Woods is not exactly known for gambling with small stakes. He is therefore regularly spotted in an exclusive casino in Las Vegas where he already has a betting limit imposed. This is mainly to prevent him from betting too much at once and losing a lot, so it can also be seen as a piece of self-protection. Woods’ favorite game is Blackjack and preferably with big bets per hand.

Tobey Maguire and Charlie Sheen

Maguire has been on trial for his part in an illegal gambling match. He played with illegally acquired money that was stolen from an investor who was in jail at the time. Maguire is, however, a very adept Texas Hold’em player and has won quite a few millions with that poker game.

Actor Charlie Sheen is not exactly known only for his acting skills. The actor likes to gamble at all possible and impossible times on anything and everything and is also known for his addictions that sometimes get him in the press. It is well known that Charlie likes to play on slot machines. He once walked out of Café Roma at Caesars Palace. He had $3 in change that he threw into one of the slot machines and won $7,777.00 with it. His biggest losses came from sports betting. It is rumored that the actor lost an average of $200,000 per weekend.

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Michael Jordan and gambling

Even famous people like to gamble now and then. The world famous basketball player Michael Jordan is a good example. In doing so, it is even rumored that he did not quit basketball voluntarily in 1993 but because the NBA could not deal with his activities in the gambling world. Either way, he has a special story to tell when it comes to gambling. Jordan is known for being able and willing to bet on anything. That is, not necessarily on a sport or competition. He is not always honest and sometimes wants to cheat (also in a fun way). One of the bets that is the most special is the bet he made on a golf match. Not because it turned out so favorably for him, as he managed to lose as much as $300,000. This is another reason why you can be famous.