Celebrities denied entry to the casino

If you feel like going out to the casino for a change you can certainly do so with friends. Maybe you’ll run into a famous person at the casino because they, too, want to have a night out.

Especially if you’re a celebrity and have a nice income you can do something with it at the casino. Fame and fame may seem nice but that is not always the case.


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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton also once had the dubious honor of not being welcome in a casino. What made matters worse, however, was that it was a casino owned by her own family and her grandfather requested that she be shown the door.

Reason for grandpa to do this? Paris managed to forfeit her Bentley in a game of Poker where the stakes were certainly not lying. Paris Hilton herself admitted that she is addicted to Poker but that is not exactly the only fact that she can be charged with. She has also been removed from a casino in previous incidents but this was due to her drug use. She was found to have a nice amount of drugs in her bag when she was asked to leave so that certainly didn’t do the case any favors.

Dana White

Dana White is the boss of the UFC (Ultimate Fight Challenge). He made sure that many people came to Las Vegas for the fighters and that they also ended up in the casino afterwards. Not a bad deal for the casinos there. Bit strange then that casino The Palms banned him in 2012.

Why did they do this you may wonder? White appears to be a very good blackjack player and is not afraid to wager considerable amounts of money. This combination ensures that the casino did not want to take the risk of allowing him to gamble because it could lead to large losses for themselves.

A $25,000-a-round bet was nothing out of the ordinary for White, and when he made millions at one point, the limit was reached. He was barred and then allowed to return once more but since he once again managed to win so much, the door remains permanently closed to him.

Lil Wayne

Rapper Lil Wayne has quite a history in the world of gangs, besides being very famous as a musician. He was banned from the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas for reasons that are unclear but stories circulate that he drank quite a bit during his probation. As a result, he was forbidden to do so but did not abide by the rules imposed. After his banishment from this casino, he has been spotted in other casinos in Las Vegas. And famous or not, if you don’t follow the rules or are too much of a threat to the casino, you may leave.