Casino license in Gibraltar

Both Foreign Affairs and Defense are still governed by the British. Otherwise, Gibraltar has a democratically elected government that takes care of the rest of the administration.

Rules in Gibraltar

Something that may be clear about Gibraltar is that casinos there are generally considered to be very reliable. Regulation in the area of the gambling industry is therefore certainly there. The gambling industry is also quite experienced there. As of 1998 gambling is legal there. There are all kinds of laws and regulations in place to make sure gambling is done in a fair manner. Something that shows that gambling in Gibraltar is indeed reliable is the fact that in the United Kingdom online gambling at Gibraltar casinos is fully permitted. Indeed, the United Kingdom is not known for being very lenient in that area, and casinos with licenses from most other areas are not accepted here.

Control by authorities

Of course, casinos in Gibraltar are well monitored for fraud and customer abuse. In 2005 a new institution, the Licensing Authority, was established. This institution was then allowed to issue licenses to casinos. The Licensing Authority is itself a branch of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. It supervises online gambling and ensures that this can also take place without problems. Thus, in 2005 a whole step was taken towards proper regulation of Gibraltar’s online gambling world. Casinos are also monitored by the GRA to be sufficiently profitable, and to have a good buffer should a setback occur.

Additional Benefits

Very advantageous to Gibraltar is the special position it has within the EU. Although it is officially a member of the EU, the government does have the power to amend laws and regulations from the EU on a national scale. However, as mentioned, this does not apply to matters of defense and foreign affairs. But, because it is an official member of the EU, anyone within the EU may gamble at a casino in Gibraltar. Another advantage to Gibraltar when it comes to the gambling industry is the tax. This is generally very low, making it very attractive for casinos to establish themselves there.

Various licenses

In Gibraltar there are about seven licenses that the Licensing Authority can issue. The type of licenses a casino needs depends on the games it offers. Each component requires a separate license. The fact that it has a license does not necessarily mean that the casino is fully legal in every area.

However, thanks to the large British influence in the area you can generally be sure that the gambling environment is extremely safe. Since this varies from casino to casino, it is of course still advisable to check in advance if the casino has the appropriate licenses.