Casino license in Alderny

In Alderny it is possible to get a casino license, among other things.

What you need to know about Alderney

One of the most vibrant places in terms of casinos is the island of Alderney. This island is part of the Channel Islands, which is a series of islands located about 15 kilometers off the Normandy coast of France. Alderney is not part of the United Kingdom, but is a “crown possession” of this. Therefore, Alderney does not belong to the European Union, but has an autonomous government with its own regulations.

Something remarkable about Alderney is the fact that already in 2002 there was regulation in the field of the iGaming industry and gambling and games of chance. This makes it an experienced island when it comes to casinos, and a relatively reliable place to look for a legal casino. Another thing that has contributed immensely to the casino industry on the island is its tax system. It is set up in such a way that it is very advantageous for people working in the iGaming industry to set up shop here.

  • The Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • St Anne’s House,
  • Queen Elizabeth II Street,
  • Alderney,
  • Channel Islands,
  • GY9 3TB
  • Telephone: + 44 (0)1481 825500
  • Fax: + 44 (0)1481 823978
  • Email: [email protected]

alderney gambling commission

In Alderney, the regulator of gaming establishments is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This institution offers licenses for casinos, and turns away any illegal casinos. In this way, the AGC must ensure that gambling in Alderney remains safe and secure for players.

Alderney’s licenses

Two types of licenses exist in Alderney regarding the Casino industry:
– License 1: The license that you must have when you are a business owner who has direct contact with the players. The license is mainly about administrative matters that need to be sorted out, so in terms of financial interaction with players and the like.
– License 2: the license needed for management over the whole of the company, and transactions with gambling companies from other countries. These companies themselves do not need to apply for a license from Alderney, so the owner of such a license can do business with whomever without any transaction problems or costs. Needless to say, this is very advantageous.


In general, Alderney is one of the safest places for casino-related activities. The island has had a very long experience with the gambling industry, so there has been enough time to build a good gambling system that guarantees safety for those who use it. Moreover, every year the AGC checks whether the casino in question still abides by all rules and has the right papers. If you still feel you have been wronged, you can report this to the AGC. If it turns out that the casino is indeed wrong, the licenses are immediately revoked.