Casino License Belgium Gambling Commission

Gambling Commission Licenses Belgium

To give you an idea of these licenses, we’ve created this explanation about the Gaming Commission Belgium. Do you end up at a casino with such a license? Then you can always gamble safely. What’s more, you can also get a casino bonus in Belgium if you play at an online casino there.

Types of permits

As we already mentioned, the gaming commission has managed to put Belgium in a good position especially by having different licenses. Since there is a different license for each type of gambling we are going to explain them here. Moreover, media offering games with chances of winning must also have a license and the same applies to both staff and providers of sports betting. Below is a direct overview of each license.

  • Licence A – A+
    The A license issued by the gaming commission in Belgium is valid for land-based casinos. In total, 9 of these licenses can be issued by law. Currently, all of these have already been granted, resulting in a total of 9 establishments. These can be found in Blankenberge, Knokke, Middelkerke, Ostend, Chaudfontaine, Dinant, Namur, Spa and Brussels. The A+ license is available to land-based casinos that wish to offer online gambling as well. Want to gamble online at such a casino in Belgium? Please note that you must be at least 21 years of age.
  • License B – B+
    Just like in the Netherlands, there are also so-called slot machine halls in Belgium. We recognize these for example in Funtastic Casino, Fair Play Casino and Krijco Casino. If you want to gamble legally at a gaming hall in Belgium, the establishment must have a B permit. A total of 180 licenses are available, which, like the A license, have all been issued. Do gaming halls also want to offer gambling on the Internet? Then they must have a B+ license. This also means that you may only gamble in Belgian online gaming halls if you are at least 21 years of age.
  • Permit C
    The C permit issued in Belgium applies to café owners. When an operator wants to place a bingo machine he must have such a permit. Uniquely, these machines can read ID cards for age. Is a player younger than 18? Then no game can be started. Despite the fact that this is also a little bit susceptible to fraud, because others may lend out their ID cards, the manager of a café always has the final responsibility.
  • Permit D
    Staff who work in a casino, slot machine hall or at a bookmaker must also be licensed. So in Belgium you can’t just start working as an employee at an establishment or online casino. Moreover, with a validity period of 5 years, there are always checks to be made. In particular, a certificate of good conduct for employees is a requirement for this license. This way you can always be sure that casinos in Belgium work with honest employees.
  • Permit E
    Developers of online casino games and gambling, along with placement companies and repairers, must also always have a license in Belgium. The E permit created for this purpose is very important in this regard. Once such a license has been issued it will be valid for 10 years and once it has expired it can logically be applied for again.
  • Permit F1 – F2- F1+
    For offering sports betting, the F license is furnished by the gaming commission Belgium. Physical bookmakers who want to organize bets must have an F1 license. Do they also want to be able to collect bets on sport? Then an F2 licence will also be required. It goes without saying that it is also possible to offer online sports betting in Belgium. As with the A and B license, an F1+ license applies for this.
  • License G1 – G2
    The last license used by the gaming commission in Belgium applies to the media. Does a television or radio station want to offer a game? Then the G1 license must be received for calling games and the G2 license for all other games.

Licensing checks by the gaming commission in Belgium

All of the above casino licenses in Belgium are obviously not declared at random. In order to operate a casino and offer online gambling, all kinds of high requirements must be met. Not only data is checked, but also the websites of the casinos themselves.

Once a casino meets all requirements, the gaming commission in Belgium will grant it a license. This is not a snapshot. In the meantime the gaming commission will continue to check the casinos on offer. This is to keep the license up to date and to offer certainty that a casino meets the requirements. If a casino does not meet the requirements in the meantime, a license will logically be withdrawn. Moreover, the gaming commission in Belgium also collects signals of possible malpractice, which are always taken very seriously.