Holland Casino now has the table game Cardette in its assortment. This table game can be played at the Holland Casino branches in Venlo and Amsterdam.

The game is played with six standard decks of 52 playing cards and two dice. We always welcome an expansion in the number of casino games. The more choice, the better for the player.

How to play Cardette

The origins of this card game lie with the Grosvenor Casinos in London who developed the game and it is now available to play at Holland Casino. Cardette is a card game with fairly simple rules. The 6 decks are placed in the shuffling machine. Players must place their bets before the cards are dealt. It is possible to bet money on Pot bets. These are bets where you bet on a combined point total.

There are 3 pots to bet on, namely 12-15 and 20, 16-19 and 21 or 4-11 and 22. Then you have the bet on the total or the suits themselves. 6 cards are placed in specially made boxes for the dealer. Two dice are used to determine which cards are turned over.

The value of the cards

Although you can use the Ace as 1 or 11 in many casino games (poker & blackjack), this is not possible with the new Holland Casino Cardette. The Ace is only worth 11. Each image is 10 and the rest of the cards retain their own face value.

Betting options on the gaming table

There are a total of half circles (rows) with betting options on the Cardette gaming table.

    • The outer row

Here you will find the betting options on suits and Pot Bets. As mentioned earlier, in Pot Bets you bet on a combination of outcomes of the designated playing cards in a round.

    • The middle row

Here it is possible to place a bet on combinations that occur more frequently, and you are really betting on the pure total of the two cards.

    • The inner row

This is the row closest to the live dealer. Here are the total outcomes that occur less frequently. At the same time, there you have the two bets with the highest payouts, a result of 4 or 22.

The payouts depend on how much chance there is of a particular combination coming up. Betting is possible on a point total between 4 (two twos) and 22 (two Aces). Furthermore, it is possible to earn money if two cards have the same suit.

Cardette is a very nice card gameThe Cardette table with different rows to place bets

Odds of winning at the Cardette table game

It is important to be aware of your winning chances. For example, the odds of winning at Cardette can vary tremendously. For a bet on a total of 6, the house edge is 1.66%, incidentally for a bet on 22 as well. For a bet on a total of 11, the house edge is 14.10%. So a big difference. Below you will find more information about the payouts for each combination or bet.

The payouts and house edge at Cardette

The best possible bet on Cardette in Holland Casino, is a total of six with two playing cards. These can be two threes, but also a two and a four. So in total you have two chances to win this bet. The house edge is only 1.66% and it pays out nicely, namely 55 times the stake.

Bet Option Payout House edge
Pot Luck 1 3:1 12,64%
Pot Luck 2 1:1 7,69%
Pot Luck 3 2:1 3,98%
4 150:1 9,77%
5 75:1 9,77%
6 55:1 1,66%
7 40:1 2,65%
8 32:1 2,87%
9 26:1 3,83%
10 22:1 5,00%
11 19:1 14,10%
12 10:1 2,33%
13 9:1 5,02%
14 10:1 4,72%
15 10:1 8,58%
16 11:1 3,98%
17 12:1 7,69%
18 14:1 2,42%
19 15:1 5,02%
20 8:1 5,02%
21 19:1 5,33%
22 200:1 1,66%

We advise against betting on a total of 11. In doing so, the Holland Casino has a whopping 14.10% house edge on players. This bet pays out 19x the bet and the only way to get this outcome is with a six and a five with two playing cards. See above in the “Cardette payouts” section how much of an edge Holland Casino has over you, on each bet at the Cardette gaming tables.

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Are you planning to visit a Holland Casino? Then we recommend you to choose an establishment like Amsterdam or Venlo. Venlo, for example, is constantly developing new gaming concepts to keep players happy. They are currently working hard to get a new Holland Casino in Venlo off the ground. This will be located along the A67 at the Floraweg, in the industrial area.

One of the new games is Cardette. A combination dice game that affects a combination of cards. It seems complex but is in fact a fairly simple game to play. Nice to do for a change.