Buffalo Blitz Live

🦬 What is the payout percentage of Buffalo Blitz Live?

Buffalo Blitz Live is played with an RTP of 95.96%. For a live slot, this is an excellent RTP.

🦬 Does Buffalo Blitz Live have a bonus game?

Yes, when you start playing this live slot, you can win free spins. You do this by making the ‘free spins’ symbol appear at least three times on the reels.

🦬 How many win lines are there?

Buffalo Blitz Live is played with 4096 ways to make winning combinations.

Our opinion about Buffalo Blitz Live

With Buffalo Blitz Live being the first live slot from maker Playtech, we can only give them compliments for how the game is put together. Even though the basic principle is taken directly from its non-live brother, Buffalo Blitz, the game still feels fresh and challenging. The fact that you lay down your bet for several rounds in a row keeps it exciting for a bit longer. Since everyone is playing simultaneously for the same outcome, as many high value symbols in a row as possible, this often creates entertaining moments in the public chat.

Thanks in part to the diamonds and the free spins bonus, there is plenty of money to be won. In the bonus round you can win another multiplier, on top of the standard multiplier that comes with the regular figures. You play for an RTP of 95.96%: not super high, but fine for its kind.

All in all, we had a great time playing Buffalo Blitz Live. Especially the fact that you can play together with others, even if it’s only via the chat function, is for us the spearhead of this game. Our advice therefore is definitely to try out the live slot machine as soon as possible! With a minimum bet of 40 cents per spin, you won’t be able to hurt yourself any time soon either.