Different bookmakers

There are several bookmakers active in the Netherlands. We will only discuss the ones that have a Dutch license. There are differences between the bookmakers in the sense that there are often small differences in the odds. Also, one may have a larger selection of matches and bets. There are differences in customer friendliness and ease of use.

Globally, bet365 is seen as the bookmaker with the best product. Since October 2021 it is also licensed in the Netherlands.

All legal Dutch bookmakers have had to meet many requirements to get the license. All aspects of their business have been scrutinized by the Kansspelautoriteit. As a result, we can say that they are all reliable.

Why have an account at several bookmakers?

With the bookmakers you sometimes have payouts/odds that can differ a lot. These differences can be found in just one match, as a win for the home team is higher on some and a draw on others. If you want to bet on a draw then you will of course bet on the one that will pay you the most.

Winning at soccer is hard enough as it is so why bet at a lower odds if you don’t have to. Also, not all bookmakers will offer all competitions, so having an account with several bookmakers will ensure that you can bet on all the matches being played worldwide.


Should you win often then bookmakers can impose a limit per bet and by switching more often you avoid this risk. And then of course the most important reason to play at several bookmakers.

Each one offers a welcome bonus which the online providers will try to entice you to join their site. These bonuses have to be unlocked, which means that you have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times at a certain odds. This is usually not too difficult and you’ll get a lot of extra money to bet with. Also, there are often promotions from bookmakers where you get a bonus if you make another deposit. Take advantage of this because once you’ve unlocked the bonus, you can cash it out again.

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Frequently asked questions about Bookmakers

🥎 How do I open an account with an online bookmaker?

Opening an account at an internet bookmaker is fairly quick and easy. Fill out the full registration form and choose your own password and username.

Then you will receive a verification e-mail and by clicking on the link you verify that it is you as a person. Often you will need to click on ‘register’ or ‘join’ somewhere in the top right of the bookmaker’s website.

How do I deposit money to my account?

After you have registered your account you can choose to make a deposit. Depositing money into your account is done via trusted banking options such as Trustly, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller or Bank Transfer.

The banking options available will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and can be found on the ‘payment’, ‘deposit’ or ‘cashier’ page. On the payment page, select which option you want to use to deposit the money.

🥎 How do I place a bet?

To place a sports bet, find a match you want to bet on and click on the odds. A window will open displaying all the betting options for this particular match.

A bet is placed after you have made a choice and entered an amount. Click on ‘place bet’ for example and it will be added to your ‘bet slip’. It is also possible to bet on multiple matches per bet.

🥎 How do I pay out winnings?

Paying out winnings at bookmakers varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Often it will be indicated as a button with ‘cash out’ or ‘withdraw’. When you see this on the website, you can click on it to pay out winnings. You will immediately select a payout method on the page that opens and make the payment.

Why hasn’t my bet been placed?

A bet may not be accepted for several reasons. Do you like to bet live? Then it is quite possible that a sports bet is no longer available at the moment you want to place it.

Constantly, the system will make changes based on the developments in a particular match or between certain players. Keep in mind that if you are looking for the best odds it is inevitable that only a part or nothing of the bet will be accepted.

🥎 Are there betting bonuses available?

At all bookmakers you can benefit from a betting bonus. The betting bonuses vary between 20 and 100 euros. On top of an initial deposit, it is common to be able to place a bet of, say, 5 euros for free, without taking any risk with your own money. We ourselves are always on the lookout for the best bonuses, so too for online sports betting.

🥎 Do I have to pay tax on winnings?

A bet on sports is quickly placed and it is possible to win very hefty sums with Sports betting. But if you win more than €454, you will have to deal with gaming tax. Many people who bet don’t know this and don’t declare it to the tax. The bookies don’t declare this either – and it’s up to you whether you declare it to the tax authorities. This limit is valid for a period of 1 month.

In a new month it is possible to win money again and you do not have to declare anything if you stay under the amount of €454. Did you wager €150 and win €600? Even then you do not have to declare anything to the tax authorities. The amount wagered will be deducted from the money you win.

🥎 Is my personal information well protected?

Online bookmakers strive to ensure the security and integrity of players’ personal information is always well protected. Advanced technology is used for this purpose. The personal information that a player enters during a transaction will remain confidential at all times. There will be no selling of information such as email, phone numbers, personal details or financial information.

🥎 Why do I pay commission for sports betting?

While placing a sports bet, you pay commission. After all, online bookmakers want to make money too and this is how they keep their digital doors open. Commission is charged on winning bets based on the amount won.

🥎 Can I bet live on sports betting?

Nowadays it is possible to bet live on sports at almost all bookmakers. This allows you to change your bet while watching your favorite sport or team based on the form of a team or player. Keep in mind that the value of your wagered money may decrease and you will basically get less money back. But if you are almost sure and think you are losing your bet, then it can be a good choice to continue betting on the other team in the ‘live betting’ section.

What sports can I bet on?

On a bookmaker’s website, there are a huge number of sports you can bet on. The most popular sports to bet on in the Netherlands are soccer, tennis, basketball, darts and formula 1. The sports are often displayed on the left side of the website in a compiled list. To the right of it are the matches and odds and to the far right is the bet slip where all your bets end up. Other sports include rugby, boxing, cricket, e-sports, golf, horse racing, handball, surfing, table tennis and many more.

🥎 If I have a question, where can I go?

For questions about a sports bet, betting bonus, registration process, safety, security, banking options or any other questions related to sports betting – you can contact the customer service department. Often there is also an FAQ page available at the bottom of the website so you can get multiple questions answered. Maybe your question is among them and you’re quickly helped on your way. Customer service can be reached via live chat, email and phone.

Registering and depositing is easy

All bookmakers have an easy way to register and deposit money via ideal. There are also other options for depositing such as credit card. Betting on the matches or goal scorer is easy to find on the clear sites. If you win, the amount you won can simply be deposited back into your account.
Also, most bookmakers have a 24/7 service to answer all customer questions. This can be done via chat or phone and usually just in your own language.