Bonus terms

In order to play at an online casino in the Netherlands you need to choose a casino that is in possession of a Dutch license. These do not exist yet, but they are coming. It looks like they will come in October 2021. You will be able to play at online casinos with a Dutch license.

The expectation is that you will be able to receive bonuses everywhere. However, there are conditions attached to these bonuses.

What are bonus terms?

Bonus terms, also called bonus conditions, are the rules that apply to a specific casino bonus. Every casino bonus is different and therefore the bonus terms for different bonuses may differ. However, this need not always be the case.

Bonus terms at first glance may seem like a tricky subject that imposes restrictions on you as a player. Bonus terms, however, are not only there to cover the casino, but are also there to give players the protection they need.

Betting requirements

As a rule, there are three conditions that you will find with all bonuses. The first is the wagering requirements: if you receive free bonus money in the form of a casino bonus then it’s only natural that you should be able to do something for it. Most casinos, therefore, require that bonus money be wagered before you can withdraw any winnings you may have made.

You can’t have your bonus money deposited back into your account immediately because that would make the casinos lose a lot of money. How often you need to play the bonus money varies from casino to casino. Be sure to read the bonus terms to find out what the rules are at the casino you’re playing at.

Usually casinos expect you to play a bonus amount around 10 to 15 times. Some casinos even offer 30 times. Once the amount has been cleared you can withdraw the winnings you make. In the meantime you have had the opportunity to practice your favorite games and develop the necessary strategies. So it is certainly not a disadvantage that you have to clear a bonus first in order to actually get a return from it.

Gaining playing experience is also a valuable investment which will certainly pay off in the long run. The second condition is that you are required to deposit money, in the case of a welcome bonus, before you actually receive the bonus. In addition there are the obvious conditions. For example, a bonus is not transferable, not saleable and trying to get more than one bonus is punishable by law.

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How to get the most out of your casino bonus despite the bonus conditions

  • Don’t rush to clear your bonus. Take your time (take note of the time limit that may be attached to it) and play staggered over time. This way you will enjoy your bonus longer and have a better chance of winning because your chances are also spread out.
  • Compare different types of bonuses and also check out the bonuses at different casinos. This will give you the opportunity to benefit from them and try out different casinos. On this website you will find a lot of information about the different casinos and bonuses that are offered so take advantage of it.
  • A bonus that seems too good to be true, usually is. Usually bonuses are around 25 to 200 euros or in percentages somewhere between 50 and 300%. Casinos offering bonuses of 500% or more can end up with very tricky bonus conditions, which usually don’t make you any happier.
  • Read the bonus terms carefully. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises and you know exactly what you can and may expect from your bonus and the casino.
  • Don’t cheat with your bonus. For example, don’t apply for a welcome bonus at the same casino more than once. If you fall through the cracks then you could also lose your gaming account and get a total disqualification from the casino. This is fraud!
  • Use your bonus in a smart way. Develop and test new game strategies. Compare different games so you know where your heart lies. Lots of bonus fun!
  • An example:

    You need to clear a bonus 30 times before you can have it paid out. The number of times you need to clear it will vary from casino to casino. You deposit $100 and receive $100. This leaves you playing with 200 euros in total. Now you need to clear 200 euros 30 times. This means you need to wager a total of $6000 before the bonus is cleared. That may seem impossible but if you win a prize and play with it it goes pretty fast.

    Sometimes the casino may specify that you only need to clear the bonus a certain number of times. But the above example, where you have to play through both the bonus and the deposited amount, is also common enough. Therefore always pay attention to the wagering requirements that apply at an online casino.

    And one more thing you need to know are the wagering requirements. Which online casino games are allowed to be played the moment you have activated a casino bonus and you have not yet met the full wagering requirements? For example, it happens often enough that you cannot play blackjack to clear the bonus.

    Even if you have wagered €1000 on the blackjack tables, it has still contributed 0% to the release of the bonus. Some casinos have a 20% wagering requirement. Again, this will vary by online casino.

    In a landbased casino, like Holland Casino for example, bonuses are often offered in a different way. For example you can sometimes get a discount on a dinner at the restaurant. These rewards will often be the start of a reward system. Often through a savings system the regular player will be rewarded with additional bonuses. Consider the possibility of winning vacations or even a car.

    Free is not always for free

    Free play money means no financial risk. Despite the bonus conditions, you can explore the world of online slots and table games to your heart’s content.

    The legion of casino bonuses come in different forms: from failure bonuses that you receive on a first failure as a welcome bonus or as loyalty bonuses for the loyal customers. There are also no-deposit bonuses that you get when you open an account at a casino as a new player or a “tip a friend” bonus if you recommend the casino to someone.

    The no deposit bonus, which is usually a lot lower than the deposit bonus, does not require you to make an initial deposit. You will actually receive 100% free credit which you can freely spend at the respective casino. All of these bonuses do come with strings attached and it’s good to know what they are. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises and leave the casino feeling disappointed.

    Online gambling should be a pleasant and familiar experience: an experience that brings you relaxation, fun and the chance to win great cash prizes. In this article we will explain what bonus terms are and how they are structured. Finally, we will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your casino bonus. So read on!