Bonus Code

What is a casino bonus code?

A casino bonus code, also called a promo code, is a code that allows you to obtain an exclusive bonus. These bonus codes are often found on certain websites which are allowed to provide them on behalf of the casino. The casino has set up a unique cooperation with the website in question and you, as a player, will benefit from this.

Are you dealing with exclusive bonus codes? Then the casino will only provide these itself. For example a VIP casino bonus to loyal players who have acquired the VIP status.

A casino bonus code can consist of numbers, letters or a combination of both. An example of a bonus code is SPIN25FREE or 100DEPBONUS. With this code you can, for example, receive 25 Free Spins or 100% bonus credit on a deposit respectively.

Almost every online casino nowadays uses a casino bonus code. Sometimes it takes a little searching but often you can get a great deal out of it. Casino bonus codes are similar to coupon codes that you can redeem at online department stores. You can earn 5%, 10% or up to 25% discount.

How can you use bonus codes?

  • If you’re going to play at an online casino you’ll want to deposit money into your gaming account. This will allow you to place wagers on various table games, slots and basically any other casino game on offer. When you start depositing money at some point in the deposit process there will be an option that says “enter casino bonus code”.
  • If you received the bonus exclusively from the casino then often the only way to redeem it is to send an email to customer support. They will verify the code and then add the credit (bonus received) to your game account total. In some cases you can also enter this bonus code directly into the “enter casino bonus code” option.
  • Also casino bonus codes that you found on the internet or that you received as a gift, can be entered in the bonus code window during your payment process. Some casinos also allow players to redeem casino bonus coupon codes during the registration process.
  • The credit, discount or free spins are in all cases usually directly credited to your gaming account. The bonus spins or credit can therefore be wagered immediately, but be sure to observe the bonus terms. These can be found on the website and if you have any questions it is always wise to contact the casino’s customer service.

Online Casino Bonus CodesOnline Casino Bonus Codes

Other things to know

Casino bonuses are in most cases tied to a deposit. These casino bonuses are called deposit bonuses and are often quite high. However, there are casino bonus codes that can be redeemed as a “no deposit bonus code”. This means that no deposit is required and you will receive free credit for which you do not need to do anything except create a gaming account and/or register at the casino.

The no deposit bonus is usually a lot lower than the deposit bonus. Also, there are often conditions attached to the casino bonuses. In many cases the bonus balance must be wagered 10, 20 or even 30 times before it is cleared.

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With undeposited bonus money you can not make a profit, so the clearing of the bonus is an essential part of the bonus. Often this is seen as a big disadvantage of the casino bonus, but the big advantage is that you also get a lot of playing hours and get new game experience and can work on strategies.

In short: the bonus with code is a great way to play without additional financial risk. And also to enjoy everything the online casino has to offer you. Casino bonuses come in different forms and for each bonus type there is sometimes a separate bonus code available. In this article you will learn all about bonus codes and how to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

🎁 Which Bonus Code is best for me?

That’s hard to say and differs for every player. Read the article and decide for yourself.

🎁 What happens if I enter the code incorrectly?

Then you will probably not receive the bonus. In that case we recommend you to contact the casino iva the helpdesk and explain the situation.

🎁 Is the Bonus Code popular?

It was hugely popular but nowadays you find this bonus form a little less.


Sometimes casino bonus codes are also redeemable for specific promotions. You can then exclusively try out new games, benefit from special promotions or receive extra bonuses. This is in addition to the standard bonuses that the casino already offers to regular players.

One of the most important tips around the casino bonus is that you should not want to play it away too fast. Take your time, get to know the casino and the games at your leisure and take in the atmosphere. If you are patient and have a healthy frequency, you will eventually get the most out of your bonus.