Understanding the Game of Blackjack

Blackjack is among the most popularly played online casino card games. It is simply one of the highest paying card games when you have the knowledge of the game. Generally, 2 cards are dealt to you – a face down card and a face up card. The objective in blackjack is to get as near a total as possible to 21. You will check the value of the card and decide if another card is to be dealt or not. If you take another card, it is known as hit, but if not, it is called a stand. In the case of a stand, the turn moves onto the next player until it reaches the dealer. In blackjack, the dealer also plays like the player, but the moment the dealer hand total reaches 17 he is dealt no more cards.

Card Values

The value of an Ace can be 1 or 11, the value of the numbered cards is equal to the face value and face cards have a value of 10. The value of the Ace can be chosen to be 1 or 11 as per your requirement. As mentioned earlier, your goal is to reach 21 without crossing it over, which is known as getting ‘busted.’

Most of the time players in blackjack think that getting as close to 21 means beating other players. But, blackjack is all about beating the dealer and you are not at all playing against other players. You can simply beat the dealer with a small score if the dealer goes bust, which means he/she has a total more than 21.

Terms in blackjack

When playing Blackjack, you will come across many terms as mentioned below.

  • Hit – Get a card. When playing blackjack, you can hit as long as you have not touched or crossed the total hand value of 21.
  • Stand – Stand is the opposite of Hit. In this case, you would not hit, and the turn will be passed onto the next player. •Double Down – In this case you would be doubling your bet. You will be dealt an extra card and your turn will end.
  • Split – When you have two same cards, they can be split and played as individual hands. You can get one additional card for each hand and then you can choose to hit or stand for each hand. Because you would be playing 2 hands, you would be required to play another bet.
  • Surrender – In blackjack, you can surrender and bow your hand out by losing half of your bet amount. This is helpful in the scenario if you stay and lose the entire bet amount. Even though, this option was popularly used in earlier, today it is not as extensively used.
  • Bust – When your hand total crosses 21, you are declared ‘Busted’ and your bet is lost. This is even when the dealer is busted.
  • Push – When a player and the dealer in blackjack have an equal total, this situation is a “Push.” This is also called a “Tie” and you would neither lose nor win your bet. •Natural – Natural is also called blackjack, and this situation arises when you have been dealt a ten and an ace.

Blackjack is also known as twenty one, and is one of the most popular casino games globally. The basics of the game are as follows: the game is played with a total of 52 cards and it involves a player and dealer. The player in the game is given an initial two cards with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the cards that he draws has a total value of twenty one or less.

Before the player starts playing the game, the first thing that you need to do is to identify the table from which to play. The tables have signs that guide the players on the betting limits. Also, ensure that the table that you are going to use to play is meant for this game and not any other game.

Most of the tables that have been relegated for the playing of this game have inscriptions on them that would guide the players. You should also be keen to note your level of proficiency before you start playing. It would be unwise to play with professionals while you are actually at the beginner’s level.

The next thing to do after you have identified the table where you will sit is to purchase the chips from the dealer. You can also bring the chips from another table. You are supposed to put your chips in front of the table directly in front of the space that you have been allocated. After this, the player is given two cards by the dealers that face up while the dealer takes two cards: one that faces up and the other that faces down known as the hole card.

Always remember that the objective of this game is to ensure that your cards total higher than the cards of the dealer. This total figure should not exceed twenty one. If the first two cards that you have been assigned make a total of twenty one, then you win the game automatically.
The value of the cards in the game is as follows: all the cards with faces such as the king and the queen have a value of ten points. Number cards of say 3, 4, 5 and six would get their face value. The value of the aces is 1 or 11.While playing the game, hand signals is used as a form of communication as opposed to verbal communication.

Once you are through with playing you may take your chips to the cashier and have them exchanged for cash. This is known as cashing in. In other times, the dealer may want to exchange the smaller denomination chips for chips of larger sizes. To do this, you simply push your chips in front of you into the betting box.

Some basic rules while playing blackjack are, first, all the cards that you have been added by the dealer should be kept on the table and should not be added to the cards on your hand, and second, the cards that you have should just be held with one hand.