Bitcoin casinos, the new gambling is on the rise

It is currently unclear whether casinos with a Dutch license are allowed to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. so beware of online casinos that offer this service. These special online platforms differ from a usual online gambling websites, but actually offer the same type of entertainment. A Netent Casino can also just accept bitcoin.

The difference

What makes a bitcoin casino so special? It is an underlying technology that offers many advantages, even when gambling in online casinos.Bitcoin casino the new gambling on the riseIs bitcoin going to displace regular money? We’re going to explain it to you here. So read on if you want to know more about the combination of bitcoins and the casino.

More than gambling with bitcoins

The bitcoin in online casinos is not “just” a payment method, there is a fully thought out methodology involved. One of the pillars of bitcoin is the blockchain. Unlike the current system of inaccessible databases, the blockchain is an open and almost touchable method. In a blockchain, several people from a group share assets together and do so in a proportionate manner.

The use of a blockchain can be compared somewhat to an Excel file, which anyone can use at any time. Changes are made immediately and the value can fluctuate constantly.


So how does bitcoin work in an online casino? It uses a crypto currency, or comprehensive and secure value system.

Designed by individuals, bitcoin works decentralized from whatever bank it is, at least in its initial stages.

How can I see how the websites operate?

A first look at the websites immediately shows that these are not regular online casinos. Here you get an immediate explanation of bitcoin, the various currencies offered and the profit motive of the bitcoin casino. In the various views it is shown, among other things, that the games are tuned to a computer and that they determine which spin is made.

For example, if you play roulette, you will be shown a special ‘fingerprint’ and ‘secret’. The combination of these is called the Hash. This ensures that there is no way you can predict the possible outcome.

You can also influence the games in the bitcoin casino as you can spin the roulette wheel yourself. After each round you get to see the exact data and this ensures more transparency and high reliability of the games.

The bitcoin value is rising fast

If you want to make money investing, then bitcoin is a very nice investment. In recent years, the value of bitcoin continues to rise steadily and more and more companies are adopting bitcoin as a legal means of payment. By now, bitcoin is of such a value that for one bitcoin you will already pay 100 euros at many websites.

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