Betting on soccer tips

If you’re going to bet on soccer then you need to take a few things into account. It starts with picking out the matches with the good payouts. Then you look for injuries or suspensions. Also the history of both teams and mutual matches you will take into account in your decisions.

If you’re going to bet, it’s important to handle your money well and not bet money you can’t afford to lose.

Choose your bookmaker

Only bet a small amount because you always need to have enough money in reserve to be able to absorb a loss series. The point is that after a long time of playing you should end up in profit and this can be done by making many small bets and thus spreading your risk. The bookmaker you bet with also has a big influence on your winning chances. Always look for the bookmaker with the highest payouts. This can vary from match to match and apart from the fact that you’re looking for the best payouts at the bookmakers, you’ll also get the necessary bonuses. With this free money given away, you can fill up your bankroll.

Of course you should never bet on soccer when you’re drunk, because then you’ll make decisions you’ll regret later. The same goes for when you’re angry, because even then you make emotional decisions which may turn out to be wrong.

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Playing Tactically

Start seeing betting on soccer as work that can earn you a lot of money. That means you’re going to read a lot about betting on soccer and study previews of matches. Also talking to profitable players when betting on soccer can make you smarter because you are never too old to learn. Try to find an advantage over the bookies. Sometimes the home team with a fanatical following behind it has more chances in certain matches than the bookies think. So in these kinds of matches there is a lot of profit to be made with an on paper weaker team.

Wait until the right moment

It is also wise to wait to bet until just before the match. The weather conditions may change or a top player may drop out in the warm up. If you wait until the match has started to bet, you will again have to reckon with poorer odds. The advantage of live betting is that you can assess the match with soccer knowledge. You need to be able to make quick decisions and assess situations such as red cards and many yellow cards because these will influence the course of the match.

Mistakes you can make with soccer betting include always betting on your favorite team. You don’t look at the payouts and you don’t make business decisions but emotional ones. This is just as bad as playing drunk or angry. Trying to make up for losses is also a common mistake among gamblers. Getting overconfident when winning is also something you need to watch out for.

A few other tips are:

  • Make sure you have a good virus scanner
  • Use different passwords at the bookmakers
  • Use a different username per bookmaker
  • Use strong passwords
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Create a separate email address for soccer betting