Betting on Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

With a lot of self-confidence and a whole country of supporters behind him, Max got into a Formula 1 car at seventeen (!). Speeds over 300 kilometers per hour and 15,000 revolutions per minute. With the constant pressure of g-forces that can run up to 5 g, Max drove his first laps at Torro Rosso.

Max is hot!

We also saw Max driving the Torro Rosso through the streets of Rotterdam during City Racing Rotterdam. We also see Max passing by during the commercials together with Frank Lammers for Jumbo. Since then Max Verstappen is not only an incredibly good racing driver but also a Dutch celebrity. He has been on several programs when it came to him or the sport of Formula 1.

The video in which he took his father for a spin at the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps went around the world. While Max Verstappen sat quietly in the car and drove his lap, you could see father Jos pulling away whiter at every turn. He was glad it was over at one point. In addition, many people did not see RTL Late-Night presenter Humberto Tan sitting comfortably next to Max either. A lap of Zandvoort turned the ever-tough Humberto Tan into a screaming kitchen maid.

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Betting on Formula 1 and Max Verstappen

Formula 1 is a sport that is increasingly appreciated by many Dutch people. This is partly due to the talent of Max Verstappen. The driver can also bring you money. On all sports a bet can be made so also on Formula 1.

At Toto you can make all kinds of sports bets on Max Verstappen and Formula 1. At the beginning of the season you can bet on who will become world champion or who will win the constructors’ title. And then there are also a whole range of different possibilities such as Head 2 Head bets. Here you can choose between two drivers and then determine which of the two will finish first in the respective race.

But “normal” bets such as who will win the race, on which place Max will finish, who is the fastest during the qualification are also available. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make your Formula 1 race even more exciting!

Max Verstappen victories

As far as races in Red Bull’s Formula 1 car are concerned, Max Verstappen knows how to do very well. Moreover, there is also progression every year. Whereas Max Verstappen managed to finish fifth in the World Championship in the year 2016, one year later things were going a bit less smoothly. Season 2017 was in fact closed by Max Verstappen with a sixth place, but that was more than made up for in the 2018 season.

The most important podium finishes in 2018 were in Austria and Mexico, where Max both managed to finish first. In total, Max managed to reach the podium no less than 11 times in 2018 and only crashed out 3 times with problems. Out of the last 9 races in 2018, Max Verstappen was only 2x not on the podium, which meant a very good end of the season for him.

In 2019 there were 3 victories and also the first pole position. This made the Limburger the 110th driver in the history of Formula 1 to start on pole. In the modified 2020 season, the Dutchman managed to win twice and finished in a nice 3rd place in the championship.

Honda Engine in 2019

Starting with the 2019 season, Max Verstappen has started racing with a Honda Engine in his car. This after years of using Renault Engines. The chances that Max Verstappen would be able to get more wins with this were considerably higher.

After all, Honda was not new to Formula 1, so they certainly knew what they were doing. Moreover, they were already supplying the Toro Rosso stable. By supplying multiple teams, twice as much data was collected in the same time frame. According to Honda, this made it better to get and stay performance oriented.

Moreover, for Red Bull Racing itself there was also an additional benefit, as the cost of being able to use these engines was significantly lower. This, because previously the French Renault engine was the only option and therefore more money was paid for it than was actually necessary. The owner of the Red Bull Racing team Dietrich Mateschitz was also happy with the arrival of the Honda engine, because for him too it was a bottleneck for years that the team could not always compete with the competition for the titles.

Different teammates

After Max Verstappen raced for prizes with Daniel Ricciardo in Red Bull’s stable for years, by the 2019 season it was someone else who took his place in the same car. Ricciardo very surprisingly decided to choose the team of Renault, after which Gasly could take his place next to Max Verstappen. Gasly was replaced by Albon due to disappointing results, who in turn was replaced by Sergio Perez in 2021.

The quality of Verstappen does not make it easy to be his teammate. Both drivers drive the same car but verstappen proves every time again that he is the fastest.

The Verstappen family and racing

Max Verstappen has the racing genes for sure. Father Jos Verstappen was 20 years ago the Max Verstappen of today. Also father Jos did reasonably well in Formula 1, where he drove for several teams. In addition, Jos Verstappen managed to take 2 podiums. He finished third twice in 1994.

The first time during the Hungarian Grand Prix and the race after it he managed to do it again in Belgium. After his Formula 1 career Jos Verstappen did not sit still. In 2008 Jos drove and won the Le Mans in the LMP2 class in a Porsche together with Jeroen Bleekemolen and Peter van Merksteijn.

In addition, Jos was mainly busy with his son Max, who also went into racing. Jos was disappointed when he had to race on Sunday because he could not come and see his son. Jos still dedicates his racing life to Max.

Jos is not only Max’s father, but also his trainer. Together they now travel all over the world through Formula 1. While the other family watches the race in the pub of grandpa Frans Verstappen in the Netherlands.

The path of Max

Max started racing when he was 7 years old. He then got into a go-kart where he quickly managed to turn his talent into awards. At a young age, Max already won a lot of prizes in karting in the BeNeLux competition, KF2 and KF1 (KF1 is the highest class of karting) and in the KZ2 class.

When Max had won a lot in karting he moved on to a higher, faster and more difficult branch of motorsport; Formula 3. In the European Championship, Verstappen finished third. He also won Masters of Formula 3 at circuit park Zandvoort.

In 2014 it was announced that Max Verstappen would be part of the Formula 1 team Torro Rosso starting in 2015. Three days Max was 17 years old when he was allowed to be in action during a Formula One weekend. The youngest driver ever.

On March 15, 2015, he actually got to race for Red Bull Torro Rosso at the GP of Australia. At Torro Rosso, Max finished fourth twice, in addition, he was not fortunate during the rest of the season. Often Max could not finish due to problems with the car.

Rookie of the Year

Nevertheless, at the end of the season Max received awards from the FIA namely Rookie of The Year (best newcomer), the FIA Personality and action of the Year award. In addition, Max received the award for the best overtaking action of the season. In the following season Max again raced for Scuderia Torro Rosso. With a few points in his pocket, Max was told by Red Bull team boss Christian Horner that he could drive for Red Bull Racing. Max did not hesitate for a moment and signed with Red Bull.

During his debut in Barcelona he drove the Red Bull for the first time and did the impossible; he won the Spanish Grand Prix. With the whole of the Netherlands behind him, a sobbing Olav Mol commenting and a very proud father, Max stood on the podium and he could drink champagne (because he turned 18). Besides being an incredible talent we know one thing for sure; Max Verstappen is still in the race business! And that’s a good thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🏎️ What kind of bets are available?

There are several racing bets that are possible when it comes to Max Verstappen. But not only specifically targeting Max, but also his team Red Bull Racing. For example, you can bet whether Red Bull Racing wins the constructors’ title and/or Max verstappen wins the drivers’ title at the end of the season.

Other popular bets are on which position Max Verstappen will finish during qualifications or races. It is even possible to bet online whether Max will have car trouble and/or whether he will finish on the podium. Thus, there are plenty of options available. Keep in mind that a certain circuit is better suited for Max than the other.

🏎️ How do I win money betting on Max Verstappen?

If you plan to bet online, it is important that you are well informed everything. What condition is the car in? How is the form of a driver himself? When betting on Max Verstappen, you could keep an eye on his website. Or join his Facebook page. Also, delving into motorsports or reading various F1 websites is recommended.

🏎️ Who is Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen is the son of Jos Verstappen, former Formula 1 driver. Max is the youngest driver ever on the podium and youngest winner of a Grand Prix in Formula 1. Since the 2015/2016 season, Max Verstappen has been driving in Formula 1. On May 15, 2016, Max won his first race with the team Red Bull Racing.

🏎️ Why do drivers make pit stops during a race?

During a Formula 1 race, drivers are driven at extreme speeds (highest speed ever 378 km/h by Valtteri Bottas). Therefore, it is necessary for drivers to change tires. This is done in the pit lane, where mechanics are already standing by. In this way, the driver can get back on the track as soon as possible.


In Formula 1 many factors play a role that can influence the race. For example the weather. If it stays dry, the teams will choose a different strategy than when it rains or appears to rain. The more you delve into the track, the driver, etc. the greater the chances become of winning with a bet. For example, it is well known that Max Verstappen likes to drive in wet weather. Use this kind of info when betting on Max Verstappen. Also, the young Dutchman is very good at overtaking. So, should the race take place on a track with plenty of overtaking opportunities and it starts to rain? Then the chances for Verstappen become bigger.

Most people only watch the race (the race on Sunday) but on Friday and Saturday are the free practice and qualifying sessions. A bet can be made on that as well. Besides betting on the winner, you can also bet on other dinegn. Like the fastest lap times, who finishes in the top 3, 5 or 10. Also betting on the qualification, the future world champion etc. is very exciting. In addition, you can bet live during the race. Check out several bookmakers and delve into the track, drivers and history to create the best odds.