Betting on golf

Golf is played with a metal club and white balls. It is known as a kind of “gentleman sport”. Usually it is played on 18 holes, where “bunkers” with loose sand and ponds make it difficult for the players. A beautiful sport but also very difficult at the same time.

Gambling on golf

Gambling on any sport is not a casual thing and it is no different for golf, especially for the bookies it is serious business. For the amateur, golf is more of a hobby, but there are several dozen players who have taken golf to a whole new level. The toughest competition is seen in tournaments such as the PGA and European Tours. Large rewards are placed on these, making the sport interesting for players as well as bettors at a bookmaker.

The major events

There are a number of major events in golf that are definitely worth watching. There are the Masters, U.S. Open and PGA Championship. The best players in the world compete for the highest possible prizes. But we haven’t mentioned the biggest tournament yet and that is the Ryder Cup; this event attracts millions of viewers from all over the world. It is the clash between American and European players, who are almost always matched. So plenty of events and plenty of options for betting.

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Betting on golf is not so easy yet, they are often the most difficult sports bets. It certainly needs some prior knowledge and even then some of the bets are simply complex. For example, golf is actually one of the most complex sports to gamble on, because not only do you have the player who simply has to be in shape, but also the wind, the obstacles and numerous other elements play a role in golf. One little ball landing in the pond can easily cause millions of bets to literally fall into the water. However, there are numerous betting opportunities, so you can choose how much risk you want to take.
Bunkers with sand and water hazards are trickyBunkers with sand and water obstacles are tricky

Betting options, strategies and statistics

Golf is one of the few sports that actually goes on every day of the year, sometimes in big tournaments, but more often in the background. For the very reason that golf is always going on, it attracts millions of enthusiasts to the gambling market all over the world. Golf in itself is a sport that has benefited enormously from increasing broadcast rights in recent years. This has meant that even smaller tournaments are now televised.

Whether you want to make a straightforward bet on one golfer or gamble on several players, there are plenty of opportunities to make a winning bet. Some well-known bets include the head-to-head; or the bet on one of the two golfers to do better. This type of betting takes a very long time and thus creates a lot of excitement. The ‘other bets’ involve anything that basically has nothing to do with the outcome of the tournament. For example, it is about how a golfer is going to do on a specific hole. For example, will he or she finish the hole within 4 strokes?

A real long-term bet is also possible, namely on the player who is expected to be at the top of the rankings at the end of the year, i.e. after all major tournaments. This is the same as betting on the winner of the Eredivisie even before the season has started. It is possible to bet on this, but by far most people will still just opt for a bet that ends in the near future.
Golf courses are beautifully landscapedGolf courses are beautifully laid out

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Betting on a tournament

Tournament betting is very popular and almost every online bookmaker will have golf in their package. Of course, there are a number of bookmakers who go the extra mile in terms of possible betting options. For example, there is a bet where you can predict which (often 4 or 5) players will finish among the first places. You can also place a bet on an underdog to get into the first five. This is ideal for players who really want to gamble, have some insider knowledge and also want to benefit from a nice quote.

Another type of betting on golf is betting on the player who will underperform. For example, you can bet on one of the favorites, but on the fact that they will mostly disappoint. In a four-day tournament, these players will then fly out after 2 days, thanks to the underperformance. There are often fixed requirements that ensure that a player may continue to play, or must leave the tournament. For example, players must stay within a certain number of beats of the leader to still have a chance. This bet often brings a number of surprises, which is nice for the player who has taken the extra risk.

Of course, as with many other sports, the bet on the eventual winner of the tournament is the most popular. By the way, it’s also pretty easy when betting on golf to bet on the leader of the overall rankings after a given tournament, because there are only a handful of players who actually play top after tournament.

Consistency is not a given for many golfers. We all know the famous golfer like Rory McIlroy, he is currently one of those consistent players in the rankings. This does of course mean that the odds are a lot lower with these players, but it is still a pretty sure bet to make. The real gambler, however, is looking for more of a challenge and in golf that is certainly possible.

Each-way bet

This golf bet is very suitable while playing a tournament. Most bookmakers offer bets for players who finish in the top 5 or 6. A variation of this bet is the ‘place only’ bet, where the chosen player needs to come in at least the top 2 to see some of your bet back, or the actual profit.

The exciting bets you can make at the bookies is who will be number 1 after a given round. Who will post the most birdies/bogeys or which area the best player will come from (America, England or Europe). Then you can bet on how the field will compare to the leader. Also called the ‘Big Guns versus The Field’. This represents the favorite in relation to the other participants. If you choose ‘The Field’, or a player who is not already first and win it, then betting on golf is suddenly very profitable.

Frequently asked questions about betting on golf

Are there any Dutch golf tournaments to bet on?

Tournaments that bookmakers offer to bet on are: Open Golf Tour Netherlands, Open Amateur Golf Tour Netherlands, Amsterdam Olympus Open and the Road to the Dutch.

What do they mean by GIR statistics?

GIR stands for “Green in Regulation.” With these statistics you can see the quality of professional golfers. A golfer earns a GIR by getting his ball on the green: from -3 par hole in one stroke to -5 par hole in three or fewer strokes.

Does the weather affect betting on golf?

Yes, golf is one of the sports where the weather can be very influential. Before you start betting, take a look at the results of players in specific weather conditions.

Difficult to predict

Betting on golf is among the most difficult way of betting in the sports world, because this sport is virtually impossible to predict. It is actually the form of the day and the conditions that make for a winning bet or loss. The number of surprising options to bet on makes golf one of the most fun betting markets; definitely worth a try.