Betting on darts

In the Netherlands today, there are many people who play darts in a regional or national league. Moreover, after a while of absence, darts has become more popular on television due to the performance of Van Gerwen.

RTL7 is the darts channel where you can follow all the popular matches. Is it not on TV? Then there is always a live stream and you can of course also watch it on the Internet. What do you need to know about betting on darts? We’ll explain it to you in detail on this page!

Betting on darts through legal bookmakers

To bet on darts via the Internet, you had to be at Toto until 2021. As of October 2021, there are also other legal bookmakers online. We recommend you to play at a bookmaker with a Dutch license. The matches that will be played the quickest are often displayed directly and sorting by darts tournament is also an option.

Do you have an account with a bookmaker and have you chosen a match? Then you can place various types of bets. How much you can win depends on the odds displayed. This indicates how much money you’ll get back if you win with that particular bet. A good example would be a match between Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson with an odd of 1.30 for van Gerwen and an odd of 2.10 for Gary Anderson.

If this is the case, the bookies indicate that they themselves consider it more likely that Michael van Gerwen will walk away with the win. Do you play with €10 on Michael van Gerwen and win? Then you’ll receive a payout of €13 and thus have a profit of €3.

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Different kinds of bets

As with all sports that can be bet on, when it comes to betting on darts, you have different ways of betting with money. Are you going to gamble at a bookmaker and bet on darts? Then you should know that the options below are not to be forgotten. There’s certainly no lack of chances to win. Another advantage is that when betting on darts at the bookmakers, you can also make use of all sorts of statistics. For example, rankings, average scores and wins can be read directly on your screen.

Betting on a match winner

The most common bet when betting on darts? That’s betting on the winner of a match. For this type of bet, you can usually rely on the statistics and mutual results. As a bettor, you can easily bet on the winner in darts for all kinds of big names. Just think of Michael van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld, Peter Wright, Daryl Gurney, Gerwyn Price, Gary Anderson, Rob Cross, Mensur Suljovic, Simon Withlock and James Wade.

Betting on the Premier League of Darts

One of the most popular darts tournaments to gamble on? That’s the Premier League of Darts. This special tournament is handled over several playing weeks as a competition. What makes it special is that this is the only PDC tournament where players can draw 6-6.

In other cases, a player has to reach 7 legs to come out on top. Betting on darts is possible in the case of the Premier League by betting on specific players, but also, for example, by predicting who would win the tournament.

Betting on the World Championship of Darts

The best and most popular tournament to gamble on in darts? That’s definitely the World Championship. Are you going to bet on the World Championship of Darts? Then you can bet on specific matches in terms of winner, but also on 180s and other match events such as a potential 9-darter.

Furthermore, you can also predict the winner of this tournament and win your prizes with that. What kind of winnings can you get from betting on darts? That depends on the odds you place your bets on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all bookmakers offer darts?

All legal bookmakers that you find on our stite also have all darts matches in their package. Always check who has the highest odds.

Does handicap betting also exist for darts?

Yes, as with most other sports you can give a player a virtual advantage. The odds for the favorite can thus become interesting again.

Can you bet that a player will throw a 9 darter?

Yes you can. Because this doesn’t happen very often, you can often find high odds for it.

Live darts betting

The fact that you can watch darts on television and via a live stream is a good thing. This is because you can also bet live on darts at the bookmakers. This means that you can make bets when a match has already started. Based on the score you can then bet on the possible winner, but also on the total number of 180’s that will be thrown. It is important to keep in mind that the odds are constantly changing. This is due to changes in the score and events in the match itself.

When an odd is raised, it is indicated in green and often with a green arrow. Is an odd adjusted downwards, because a player is even further ahead, for example? If so, you’ll see that the live odd is adjusted downwards when betting on darts. In this case, the odd is shown in red.

Secure online betting on darts

The bookmakers on our site are licensed in the Netherlands, so you can bet with them with confidence. The Kansspelautoriteit (the Dutch gambling authority) supervises that everything is fair and safe.