In doing so, Betsoft jumped on the growing demand for internet casinos and their associated software. Some feel that such casinos that have no history in the analog era have a lack of experience. Others, on the contrary, believe that they have an edge because they have always focused entirely on the digital.

Who holds the truth is difficult to judge. We can, however, look at this individual case, Betsoft, and note whether or not it is possible to be a strong and useful company from scratch. We do this by suggesting pros and cons of Betsoft. We leave it to you to weigh these against each other. A conclusion is thus missing. The aforementioned weighing is an individual matter, something you will have to do yourself.

Betsoft’s popularity is due to this

When Betsoft entered the market it immediately set itself up as a provider that wanted to be innovative. This policy is still being followed. This means first of all that many of their games are made available as soon as possible for the increasingly popular mobile gambling. It also means that they are ahead of the game when it comes to video slots with 3D graphics. Where others are just starting out in this area or have no 3D video slots at all in their product range, these types of games have long been present in large numbers at Betsoft.


However, the 3D effects are not the only thing that makes Betsoft’s games so attractive. The gameplay is also invariably very fine and not to mention the chances of winning. These can be called quite high. Now it is true that games differ from each other in terms of winning possibilities. There are some top games within the offering where you can really take a hit.

Good Girl Bad Girl, one of Betsoft’s most popular games, is one of them, and At the Copa is also known for this benefit. What also makes Betsoft very interesting is the number of games. They have a very large selection of over a hundred games such as blackjack. This of course adds to the diversity.

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What stands in the way of further expansion for the time being

We have just stated that Betsoft is very innovative, but even in this area they still leave something to be desired. One of Betsoft’s weaknesses is the fact that only a limited number of casinos offer the software. This often means that you end up at a casino that is not quite to your liking, if you necessarily want to play games from Betsoft. Finally, there is also a little problem with the excellent graphics and 3D effects we mentioned earlier, as they are so advanced that some computers simply cannot run them. However, this should not be described as a real flaw, as Betsoft deserves praise for this.