Those who go to the casino will not only do so in the hope of making some money. There is also a social element to the casino. You play there not only because of the money, but also because of the atmosphere and the experience of the casino. Those who go to the online casino soon find out that there is a world of difference.

The games may be interesting and you can make nice profits, but at the roulette table and the poker and blackjack division you find out that you are still playing some kind of computer game. Betgames discovered that this is why so many players of online casinos ignored this very section. They came out with games that are played with a live croupier. We looked into this wonderful world and its popularity for you.

Betgames Review

If you go to the online casino, then of course you will want to play with several people. So it’s good to know that thanks to the casino games from Betgames you can get a completely different gaming experience. This is because you play this game virtually at a real game table where you are working with several players at the same time. So you play the game alone or with your friends, but in any case always in a group setting. In addition, you play this game so that a live croupier is present. This is usually an attractive lady, because of course it’s mainly the men who love these games.

Betgames Lucky7Betgames bets beautiful ladies at the live games

The online live casino game from software provider Betgames is therefore quite sought after by the takers. Buyers yes, because the games are sold to several online casinos which thus claim their share at this live casino. So you will probably also be able to play the live casino part at your most favorite online casino.

Thereby you play with real money which you bet without having to go out the door for it. The main advantage of Betgames’ live casinos is that they operate 24/7. So in every time zone of the world you can log in online and play the games. This requires a considerable amount of planning for Betgames, but because it is so tight such a service is possible.

Playing on various platforms

Betgames is a company which, although not offering a unique product, has elevated it to a higher level. This is because with most providers you can only play such games on a laptop or desktop computer. The software is too heavy to be used on the popular mobile devices. Most competing companies see their market share plummet as a result. Betgames however has found the solution to this problem.

One has programmed the games for the live casino so that they can be played not only on the laptop or desktop computer, but also on mobile devices. This has made it possible to get an ultimate gaming experience on the smartphone and tablet. This programming method, HTML5, is applied by specialist teams of programmers. This ensures that at Betgames they are constantly looking for more programmers. After all, more and more online casinos need to be provided with this super up-to-date equipment and programming.

Lucky 5 is a live game from Betgames
Lucky 5 is a live game from Betgames
Betgames works with live croupiers which makes playing attractive.
Betgames works with live croupiers which makes the play attractive
There are various games to play under the guidance of live croupiers
There are several games to play under the guidance of live croupiers

Our opinion about Betgames

It speaks for itself. We are talking about a concept which is extremely future-proof. After all, a whole new market of online gambling has been tapped. The line between the online casino and the land-based casino is getting a little thinner. By responding to the laziness of gamblers and the need for real live play there is a company that knows how to fill the gap in the market.