Benefits of a live casino

Before you read this, we want to give you the tip to only gamble live at a reliable online casino with a Dutch license. Which casinos are reliable? Click on any of the casinos we mention and you’ll always be safe.Live CasinoMany people prefer live casino

The advantages are numerous

After all, the casino sites we tested only have the necessary licenses and have a live casino available. Don’t wait any longer, read up and also enjoy the live casino advantages as listed below.

Advantage 1: Anonymous play at a real table

Anonymous playAnonymous playPeople who gamble online at a live casino can always do so anonymously. You do need to have an account, but this information is only visible to the casino itself. The dealers you play against can’t see you, because you don’t need a webcam. So you watch yourself at the gaming table to follow all the actions. The positive side is of course that this way you can make an honest profit. Casinos will certainly not cheat via a camera connection and you will see it!

Advantage 2: Real dealers provide interaction

Real dealerReal dealers provide interactionAs a matter of course, playing with real dealers is more fun than against the software. At least, that applies to live gambling and not to slots that you normally play alone as well. When you gamble against a live dealer, which can also be Dutch croupiers, you can make use of a chat. In addition to the explanations continuously given by a dealer, you can also enter into a conversation yourself. You ask your question via the chat and the dealer will answer it live for you. This is one of the advantages of a live casino that makes online gambling even more fun.

Advantage 3: Choice of gaming tables

Many gaming tablesAlways a free tableWhile at a land casino you’re basically always out of luck because tables are overcrowded, at an online casino this is not the case. Are you going to gamble on one of the games at a live casino? Then you can always find more than one person at a time. This is because you’re always playing against the house and have nothing to do with other players. So it’s quite possible that you’ll only be facing a croupier at a table game. Another advantage is that you always have a choice of different types of table games. Live roulette, blackjack, punto banco, keno and live lottery are the games that can be played.

Advantage 4: Live casino bonuses available

Live bonusNice live casino bonusesOne point that our bonus team is definitely content with is the fact that you can also receive live casino bonuses. For example, casinos are known for the live Monopoly Blackjack that is held regularly. When you play this form of Blackjack you can get Chance Cards and Community Chest Cards. These will give you an immediate bonus amount. On the other hand you can also get a casino bonus for roulette. Often you can earn free spins for a slot machine or extra money by playing X amount of rounds. This is what you get when a certain number falls and you win with a direct bet.

Advantage 5: Gambling from home is possible 24/7.

gamble anywherePlay 24/7 from homeA somewhat more obvious advantage is obviously that you can access a live casino from home. For many, this one among the live casino advantages is probably the most important. Being able to gamble from home saves you a lot of time and money. You don’t have to drive to a casino, pay parking fees and also save on admission costs. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy expensive food and drinks, but can just grab from your own fridge in between games.

Advantage 6: Playing by fixed rules

Same rouletteLive roulette is the sameIf you land on a live casino, one of the advantages is that the rules are the same. You can immediately gamble on roulette as you might be used to gambling against the software or in an arcade. Usually you’ll be dealing with European roulette, which is very well known. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to roulette.

Do you choose Blackjack, Punto Banco or Casino Hold’em Poker for example? Even then you can count on the known rules and hoof casino rules
So you don’t have to adapt yourself. The only thing you have to take into account? That is the fact that bets must be played within a time limit

Advantage 7: Instant statistics

Roulette statisticsStatistics in roulette are availableSomething you don’t always see when playing against the software is present in the live casino. The statistics. For example, do you want to know how many times it has been red in roulette or who won in Punto Banco? It’s displayed directly on your screen.

Again, this is not a retrograde step compared to a land-based casino, but offers you immediate possibilities to determine your bet. Moreover, the statistics often make it easier to gamble with a casino strategy.

Advantage 8: Dutch croupiers present online

Dutch dealerDutch croupier gives more joyWhen you land at a Dutch online casino it’s certainly likely you’ll be able to play against Dutch croupiers. These are then employed at a real casino and show you the games by handling the rules.

One advantage of having Dutch croupiers at a live casino? Of course you can get an explanation in your own language and you will be told what to do. Moreover, you can also use the chat in English and thus get even easier answers to your questions.

Advantage 9: Fast withdrawals possible

Instant cashGet your winnings right awayWinning at a live casino is easy and fair. Among the advantages of a live casino you should know that also here fast payouts are possible. Not only at Holland Casino can you get your money right away.

What if you transfer the money you’ve won to your bank account? The money will be in your bank account within a few working days. Would you rather have the money immediately? Then choose Neteller or Skrill. If you request a payout to such an account during the day, the casino will ensure that the money is transferred almost immediately.

Advantage 10: Mobile live casino

Mobile live casinoMobile live casinoTo conclude the benefits of a live casino we would like to point out that mobile gambling is also possible. In fact you’re not even tied to your home, but you can make a live bet wherever you are. The good thing about this is that you only need to be connected to the internet. This can be done through Wi-Fi, but of course also through an internet subscription at your mobile provider.

Without downloading an app you can directly access a mobile live casino. You do need to be logged in to your own account, because you can only gamble with your own money. Want to watch for free first? This is possible if you are logged in, because after all, you can also enter in the middle of a round of games and let some of them pass by as well.

The best live casinos online

Make sure you choose a casino with a Dutch license

Are you a fan of live roulette for example? Then it’s wise to start your adventure at a live casino with many roulette variations. Look around before you decide and only then play at a casino that suits your preferences. And check first if the casino has a Dutch license.