Being a cashier in Las Vegas, what does it entail?

When you work at the casino, it can be in all sorts of different positions. For example, you can work as a cashier (also called a banker or teller). In this role you will make sure that players can exchange money for chips.

But you also make sure that they can cash in the winnings and collect them if they want to. You work in a responsible position where you always handle (a lot of) money and for that you are well paid as an employee.

Different responsibilities as a cashier

As a cashier you have several responsibilities in the casino. Most importantly, you’ll help players who leave the table after playing and cash in the chips they have left over or won. You do this in a friendly and enthusiastic manner because customer friendliness is also important here. If people get paid a lot, this amount is first checked by a supervisor before you are allowed to pay it out as a cashier. The amount of money from which this happens varies from casino to casino.

Certain skills required

Double-checking not only prevents mistakes but also ensures that you, as a cashier, can do your job well. You spend your whole day handling money and it is easy to make a mistake. A cashier must be able to count, know the value of chips and tickets in the casino in order to pay out the player correctly.
The money is always counted by hand in Las Vegas
The money in Las Vegas is always counted by hand.

Coin counting was also part of the job

In the old days, when people played on the slot machines in the casino, the cashier had an additional task, if real coins were still being played. These were in a bucket and when the player came to redeem them, the cashier put them in a machine that counted them. The player could see exactly what you were doing and how much money was in it and then get paid that exact amount. Nowadays, most slot machines give you a voucher that you can redeem at a machine or at the cashier.

When using a TITO system

As mentioned above, many casinos no longer use tokens but a TITO system. This abbreviation stands for Ticket In/Ticket Out. Instead of coins you play with a ticket, on which the deposit is printed in a barcode. The big advantage for the casino is that you need less staff because money no longer needs to be counted.

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Less chance for mistakes

When the player has won, the ticket can be printed> The ticket can be used for games on other machines or you can cash out. The cashier holds the ticket in front of a scanner that reads the barcode. This way he sees immediately if it is valid and how much has to be paid. This reduces the chance of (human) error and the operation is done quickly so people never have to wait long.

Special cashiers at Poker

When people choose to play Poker, it is possible that a special cashier is present. This cashier is responsible for selling and buying back chips. If you learn quickly, then in no time you will know the value of the chips and you can do your job well. This way you work quickly and efficiently and many players will appreciate that. Casino bonuses are still sometimes paid out at poker. These can be arranged by the cashier and are often paid out in cash but also in chips.

Different ways to pay and collect

Each casino accepts a variety of payment methods. At most establishments only cheques are accepted which are clearly marked as cash. Of course, cash or credit cards are also used to pay. As a cashier, you are responsible for checking these to make sure everything is in order and there is a sufficient balance on them.

Make sure you know the rules and the law

Not unimportant: you may also be asked for a valid ID when you pay by debit or credit card. The rules for this differ from country to country and every cashier should know them well. They are only following the law so there is little to argue with. Consider, for example, the age at which you are allowed to gamble. This differs per country and if the cashier has any doubt whether the person in front of the counter is old enough, they may and even must ask for a valid ID.

Attractive salary in combination with tips

With many other positions in the casino you start at a low level in terms of salary. But this does not apply to a cashier. You start just a step higher on the ladder and thus get paid more. This is a fixed salary per hour and you will also receive regular tips. Thus, the earnings can be quite high. And differ per day or evening.

What do you need to know for sure?

Keep in mind that for a job as a cashier you need to look presentable, work neatly and be customer friendly. Good math skills are important, as is learning fast and working with others. For such a job, your past will be checked. You will be screened to see if you are of impeccable character and have no criminal record. Often you will need to be able to produce a VOG. This is not entirely illogical as you work in a sector where a lot of money is involved and you must therefore be honest and reliable.