Beating the casino through cleverness

When you go to a casino you always hope to win, but in the back of your mind you keep in mind that you will go home with a loss. After all, the casino games are made in such a way that in the long run winning is very difficult.

Still, there are players who are so smart that they find something to beat the casino. Whether everyone can do this, probably not. Those who have succeeded are all extremely intelligent and patient.

Counting cards to win

A world-famous example of cleverness came from a group of mathematical geniuses from MIT University in the United States. They decided to go to Las Vegas to play Blackjack but had developed a good plan beforehand.

To ensure that they would win as much as possible from the game, they used a technique also known as counting cards. This, by the way, is not prohibited by law but is not particularly appreciated by the casinos. Using this technique they were able to predict when cards would be dealt that were favorable to them as players and when not.

Using this technique yielded decent profits and they even managed to win over $400,000 in one weekend. In order to minimize the fact that they were counting, and so that they knew which cards had already been dealt and which were still in play, they would regularly change players and not let the same ones walk away with the winnings. This story was later even filmed. Kevin Spacey played the lead role in this movie “21”.

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Also the roulette wheel works with a flaw

A similar story is that of the Spaniard Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo but he managed to make big profits at roulette. By doing a lot of research (he even enlisted the help of his family) he found out that certain roulette wheels had a slight imperfection and certain deviations occurred. He discovered this by collecting a lot of data from many different roulette tables to see if certain numbers fell more often than others.

This turned out to be the case due to the anomaly. By running a complicated mathematical model on it, he was able to determine for each individual wheel which number was more likely to fall (and did so in practice) and make a lot of profit from it in a fair way. His story was also later filmed.

Winning big with baccarat

Fourteen baccarat players at the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City also won $1.5 million. They noticed that the cards were not dealt randomly and, at a certain point, they also saw a pattern. The croupiers didn’t notice it, but the players raised their bets to win a lot of money. The casino itself knows the loss to the maker of the cards and sued them for it.