Barbi System

Compared to other roulette systems, the Barbi system is a bit more complicated. It is a betting strategy that has been around for some time and now has an old and a new version.

We are going to take a closer look at this system and will cover both the old and the new version. Mastering it and applying it to roulette can easily boost your bankroll.

The basis of the Barbi system

The Barbi system was invented by Richard Grace. It will come as no surprise to you that he likes to play roulette himself and Grace has proven the effectiveness of his system several times in the past. Although the old Barbi system also worked well, the new Barbi system is a definite advance. To know how the current ‘new’ Barbi system works, it is good to give a brief explanation of the old Barbi system.

Barbi SystemBarbi System

The old Barbi system

Richard Grace’s old Barbi system saw to it that as many numbers as possible were covered on the roulette table. A standard European roulette table has 37 numbers between 0 and 37. With the Old Barbi System, you covered 28 of the 37 numbers, or about 75%. Within this system, you must also set a profit target that lies between 27% and 33%.

If you have reached this target, it is wise to leave the table or to lower your bets. The only numbers not covered in the old Barbi system are 4, 7, 16, 19, 22, 25, 34, 35 and 36. If you see one or more of these numbers on the scoreboard from the previous rounds, you can start immediately.

Within the old Barbi system, you have mandatory bets and alternative bets to increase your chances of winning. However, with the mandatory bets you have already covered 28 of the 37 numbers, while with the alternative bet you actually lower your chances of winning. In addition, you have the so-called 3x bet and 2x bet.

The three bets are placed on two horizontal lines, whereby you cover 6 numbers per horizontal line, namely 10 through 15 and 28 through 33. The two bets are placed on so-called quarters, namely (0,1,2,3), (5,6,8,9), (17,18,20,21) and (23,24,26,27).

Never change anything in this system and your chances of winning will increase. Just remember to have enough budget in case you are unlucky once or twice. When you want to increase one of your bets on the table, implement that increase on all of them, otherwise you will disrupt the chances of winning within this old Barbi system.

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The New Barbi System

The new Barbi system is more progressive and requires you to be willing to bet even more chips at once. It’s worth it though, because the chances of winning with this new Barbi system are very attractive. The new Barbi system does come with rules that you should always adhere to, but more on that later. How does the new Barbi system work in practice?

Each roulette table has 12 horizontal streets of three numbers each. Before you start playing you should look at the last 16 numbers that have been spun. You aps your bet on them. Which streets did these 16 numbers belong to? Next you are going to see which two (!) streets have not yet passed. These we leave out (!) of the next bet. Your next bet will be made on the 10 remaining streets. If you win, you will have an advantage of two streets and therefore +2.
The renewed Barbi systemThe renewed Barbi system

If you have placed your bet on the correct street, then the next time you make a bet on 9 streets, you will leave this bet out of your calculations. If you have won this bet as well, you will have an advantage of +5 in total.

After this you choose to go back to 10 streets. You bet again and see if you win. If you win again, then for the next round go to 9 streets again and if you win again, then choose to go back to 10 streets. You have already won enough after four streets to be allowed to lose once. This while your win probability per round stands at 10/12, equal to 81% per round. By the second round, this is 9/12, equal to 73%. This takes into account the possibility of 0 as a number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply the Barbi system to another casino game?

No, it is really a betting system that can only be applied to roulette.

Can you also apply it to American roulette?

This is not wise because here the chances of winning are smaller due to the extra double zero.

Who is the inventor of the Barbi system.

The system was developed by Richard Grace. A lover of the roulette game.


  • No progressive betting system
  • High winning chances of almost 81% per round
  • Flexible betting options


  • Tough system to master
  • Needs a decent budget
  • Takes a lot of rounds to recover your losses
  • It takes experience to play well

What if you lose?

As we have mentioned with other systems, it is not possible to remove the house advantage from the casino. No system does that. However, you can play the game with the right betting system in such a way that there is a high probability that you will be ahead on a regular basis. Then discipline sets in and you’ll be satisfied with the win and stop playing.

It also happens that you lose. You could then switch to a more progressive betting system, such as Martingale. Once you’ve recouped your losses, you can move on to the new Barbi system.