Bancontact Mister Cash

Like a debit card, this physical card is linked to a Belgian bank account. With Bancontact/Mister Cash you can pay both offline and online. So you can use it to pay in a supermarket or get money out of a wall.

You can also use it to pay for online orders in a webshop, for example. Bancontact/Mister Cash is the most popular payment method in Belgium. Per year more than 1 billion payments are carried out with Bancontact/Mister Cash.

At many major online casinos that cater to the Belgian market you can safely deposit money into your gaming account using Bancontact/Mister Cash. You can read how this works on this page.

You will also find more information on this page about the conditions surrounding Bancontact/Mister Cash and about the app with which you can also make payments via your smartphone. For example receiving a casino bonus in Belgium.

How does Bancontact/Mister Cash work?

Bancontact/Mister Cash is very similar to the Dutch payment system iDeal. Users can use Bancontact/Mister Cash to make payments in a safe, convenient and fast way.

It is important that the user has a bank account with one of the Belgian banks that work with Bancontact/Mister Cash. This payment service is available to account holders at Fortis, Dexia, AXA Bank, ING, KBC, FINTRO, CBC and VDK Spaarbank, among others.

Making an online payment with Bancontact/Mister Cash goes as follows. You fill in the required data and your card number. Then you need to identify yourself in a secure digital environment, just like online banking with iDeal. Of course, no extra costs are charged for using Bancontact/Mister Cash. You can apply for a Bancontact/Mister Cash at the various banks. You receive this card when you open a bank account at a participating bank.

With Bancontact/Mister Cash you can also make payments at a large number of online casinos. This way you can use Bancontact/Mister Cash to have money deposited into your gaming account so you can place wagers on online casino games. When you have made a nice profit from an online casino game you can have the casino deposit the winnings into your own account. Since payments with Bancontact/Mister Cash are processed extremely fast, you can place a bet in no time!

The Bancontact/Mister Cash app

It’s hard to imagine life without the smartphone nowadays. But besides a means of communication, it is also possible to make payments with your smartphone. Very handy of course, because this way you always have a payment option in your pocket! For some time now it has been possible to make payments with Bancontact/Mister Cash using your smartphone. The only thing you need is the special Bancontact/Mister Cash app. This app is available free of charge in Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. The app is available to all cardholders of a Bancontact/Mister Cash card.

This app is especially useful for making small payments. There is a payment limit attached to this special app. The minimum amount you can transfer is €0.02. The maximum per payment is €250. You can pay up to €250 per day with the Bancontact/Mister Cash app and receive up to €500 per day.

To make a payment you must of course have an active internet connection on your smartphone. If you want to transfer an amount to a friend, for example, then you both need to have the app at your disposal. If you want to use the Bancontact/Mister Cash app to pay for an order in a webshop, the webshop in question must offer the option of mobile payment via the app. Webshops will clearly indicate this on their website.

Work with QR code

Making a payment through this app works in a special way: you have to scan a so-called QR code. It is therefore important that your smartphone has a functioning camera. To scan the code you first have to open the app and choose the option “pay”. The receiving party will then see a unique QR code on his screen. You then scan this code with your own phone. Then you check the amount. If the amount is correct you enter your PIN. The transaction will then be carried out. Immediately after this you will also receive a confirmation of your payment.

If you do not have enough money in your account, the app will display this as well. So you can’t get into the red with it. It is important that you are online while making a payment. If your phone only works via wifi then it is necessary that you stay within the wifi range otherwise the payment via the app cannot be performed.