Angelika system

Roulette is fun enough on its own, of course. But it gets even better when you have a system that gives you a better chance of winning? This is possible if you use betting systems. The Angelika system is such a betting system.

We’ll explain how the Angelika system for roulette works and how you too can use it the next time you play roulette.

The basics of the Angelika system

The Angelika system for roulette was invented by the German woman Angelika Tepperwein. Like other roulette systems, it was designed to increase your chances of winning at roulette. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Angelika Tepperwein herself put the system into practice and proved its enormous potential.

Angelika TepperweinAngelika Tepperwein
Many dealers have been able to see it with their own eyes. The high profits Angelika Tepperwein made in the past when using the Angelika system. Few people in the Netherlands know the system and that’s a shame. Within the Angelika system, you don’t bet on feelings, but on rational grounds. This is how it works.

Angelika system in practice

The Angelika system can be seen as a variant of the D’Alembert and Ascot systems. Before you start playing you choose an initial bet and based on this bet you continue playing. Suppose you start with a bet of 10 euros, then depending on the result in that round you choose your next bet. If you win the round, you decrease your bet by a fixed amount; if you lose the round, you increase your next bet by the same amount.

Like many other systems, the Angelika system only works on roulette opportunities where your chances of winning are highest with one bet. We talk about this when betting on red/black, even/even or 1-18/19-36, also called the higher/lower option. It is wise to start on a table where there is a certain progression, such as when it has been ‘red’ 7 times in a row. Now the question is, how is it that this system is profitable compared to regular play?

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Compensate losses

How is it that the Angelika system increases your chances of winning money? This is because your loss is compensable in the next round. Suppose you bet 10 euros in the first round and you lose, then the next round you choose a bet of 11 euros and you can already compensate 1 euro of the previous loss.

If you win the round, your stake goes down in the next round, which means that if your prediction is wrong, you still retain a portion of your profit. Because you can easily compensate for losing hands and winning hands make a loss less disastrous, you can often sit at the table for longer periods of time and ultimately win more. It is also relatively risk-averse, as you can choose the amounts by which you will lower/increase your bet.
Angelika systemThe Angelika system is fairly unknown in roulette

What do you bet on?

In the Angelika system, unlike other roulette systems, it doesn’t matter which 50/50 option you bet on. This way you don’t have to endlessly stick to red versus black, or choose odd versus even. You can switch tables, observe new opportunities and bet on whichever option you like.

The house edge in 50/50 roulette options is only 2.7%, so you have an equal chance of winning in all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Angelika system unique?

No, it is a variant of the d’Alembert system.

Can the system only be used in roulette?

No, you can use it in several casino games as long as they are single chances.

Where does the name Angelika system come from?

The system is named after the lady who first used it profitably in casinos: Angelika Tepperwein.


  • Easy gaming system accessible to all
  • Small chance of big losses
  • Lower budget required than Martingale system


  • You will not often win big amounts
  • It’s a system that takes a long time to master

Increase the pace

The Angelika system can be mastered quickly and it may therefore be wise to increase the pace of play over time. This is of course possible, as you have three options for 50/50 betting; red/black, even/even and higher/lower.

This way you can choose to bet on not one, but two or even three of these options at the same time. Keep in mind the budget you have with you, so you don’t run out of money too fast if things get tough. You can also stick to one 50/50 option and simply increase your bet on it or change the decrease/increase on your next bets.