Advantages and disadvantages of a live online casino

Playing at a live online casino is fun, and online gambling offers a fun experience where there are no limits on how long you can play and how much money you can make. Since the internet era there are many options for you to choose from.

For example, now it is possible to control the time and place where you play. Live casinos have their doors open 24 hours a day while at a land-based casino you have to deal with opening and closing times.

These are quality live casinos

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a live online casino?

Today it is possible to do whatever you want without having to go out the door. Online gambling has been made more accessible and faster so that there are seamless connections. Playing with live dealers offers an immersive experience and you can choose from games that you cannot find at land-based casinos. It is one of the reasons why players today prefer to gamble at home at a live casino online instead of going out the door.


You can play anywhere

As mentioned above, you no longer have to go out of your way to play your favorite games. This is one of the biggest advantages of live online casinos. You can play a game of blackjack or bet on numbers in live roulette from the comfort of your living room. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Whether you’re on public transport or just getting out of bed, the live casino is everywhere. Advanced software ensures that all casino games can be played via your mobile.

The possibility to play live

While the casino online comes with a huge number of casino games (sometimes thousands or more), the live casino also has plenty to choose from. Not only the traditional games like roulette, blackjack or baccarat are available. Software companies have done their best to develop and create new games to make it as enjoyable as possible for players all the time.

With time, there are more than 75 live roulette varieties, over 30 blackjack variants and a handful of punto banco games. We will talk about the unique casino games in one of the following sections on this page. It is recommended to read further why these games are so unique, and also very popular among modern casino players.

It’s safe and fair

There is nothing more real than actually being able to see something for yourself. In the live casino you can see all the actions and results happening with your own eyes. For the distrustful players, live casinos are ideal because it is in real time images because they follow live dealers up to the minute.

While this is not the reason a live casino is safe or fair, it does create a little more trust between the casino and the player. The real reason they are fair is because of independent testing agencies that continually conduct tests to guarantee fair results to their players. Take as an example the roulette tables that have to be level so that some areas on the wheel don’t fall more often than the other.

An immersive gaming experience

The live dealers are professionally trained to entertain players online. They provide an immersive experience that you normally experience at real casinos. Although it is still not quite close to this real experience, they have tried to mimic live casinos as closely as possible so that you cannot distinguish the real from the fake.

Moreover, it is possible to communicate with fellow players and/or ask questions to the live casino dealer present.


There are some drawbacks to a live casino, but this is also true of other forms of gambling. See below what we mean by this.

Developing a gambling addiction

One of the biggest disadvantages of live casinos is that players sometimes lose control of their bets. Gambling online without proper tactics or control causes players to keep losing money. This could potentially lead to a form of gambling addiction. Money management is key, setting a profit or loss limit before playing is a good option.

Based on your available budget, you can agree with yourself on the maximum amount of money you will spend, and the maximum amount of money you want to win. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with a nice win, even if it is small. Many players spend too much time gambling when they could be doing something else that is useful.

When a player becomes addicted to gambling, there is a possibility that they will lose their job or spend money that they cannot afford to lose. It also causes a lot of turmoil in the relationship. Make sure you play in moderation and gamble responsibly. Live casinos are fun, but it should also remain fun.

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Play on unique casino games

It wasn’t even that long ago that it wasn’t possible to play live casino games with the quality that is offered today. The sounds are excellent, images come in HD quality, and spectacular special effects come with them when it comes to unique games like Lightning roulette, for example.

And honestly, why play against machines (software) when you can play against real people? Step through the doors of the live casino and enjoy the casino feeling without having to adjust your attire to the Holland Casino dress code. Dealers work from exclusive studios where they have taken great care to replicate the real casino feeling down to the smallest detail.

  • Lightning roulette
  • Lightning roulette has been playable at live casinos presenting studios from Evolution Gaming since 2018. You play live roulette with an extra addition, namely a multiplier up to 500x. The multiplier is only added after lightning has struck 1 to 5 numbers after the live croupier has pulled the lever. This is done using the software RNG, which provides random results every round.
    Lightning Roulette in een live online casinoLightning Roulette in a live online casino
    The only drawback to this live roulette game is that for a bet on a single number you get a 30x payout instead of the regular 35x payout. Anyway, does the multiplier land on your number and the ball falls on it? Then you’ll receive the payout between 50x and 500x.

  • Super sic bo
  • Super Sic Bo is one of Evolution Gaming’s created casino games. Like Lightning roulette, it also comes with a multiplier. You can receive up to 1000x payout if you made the right predictions. The goal in Sic Bo is to guess what the three dice land on. These three dice are in a glass tray and the dealer in attendance calls out the results.
    Super Sic Bo In een live online casinoSuper Sic Bo in a live online casino
    You don’t necessarily have to bet on three dice as a whole, but you can also choose to bet on two dice as the final total or for example a pair (for example two fours, or also called Doubles). The highest payout you receive for when three dice are equal to each other and the multiplier is assigned to this bet. These are the Triples.

  • Live deal or no deal
  • One of the most famous television shows in the Netherlands is Deal or No Deal. This was always presented by Linda de Mol, but it seems that Chantal Janzen is going to take over. The goal in this game is that the player who gets through the rounds picks suitcases and eventually makes a deal with the bank the moment he or she thinks his suitcase contains less money. You can play this suitcase game in the live casino because Endemol and Evolution Gaming have partnered up.

    First of all you have to qualify for the suitcase game. You do this on a large wheel with golden segments. If all three golden segments stop in the top center, you are qualified. The higher the stake, the easier it goes. In addition, the prizes that are put into the suitcases are also bigger if you increase the bet. Next, it is possible to put additional prizes in other specific suitcases. Then comes the round where the dealers open suitcases and it is up to you to close the Deal at the right time.

  • Live Monopoly
  • Live monopoly is based on Live Dream Catcher. The Dream Catcher game is also one of Evolution Gaming’s games. This one is again based on the Money Wheel that you probably know from the Holland Casino. The object is to guess where the clipper at the top of the wheel stops, and if you have bet on that, you receive the payout shown on that slot. In Live Monopoly it works a little differently. There is room for a Chance card, 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS.

    If the wheel stops on Chance, you will receive a multiplier that you take with you to the next round and you must hope that the wheel will land on the correct slot after that. If the wheel lands on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS then you will be taken to the bonus game where Rich Uncle Pennybags will make moves according to where the dice land. In a large Zeppelin you see two dice being thrown.
    Monopoly Live in een live online casinoMonopoly Live in a live online casino
    If a double is thrown, you will receive an additional roll. The further Uncle Pennybags gets on the board game of Monopoly, the bigger the multipliers become. Every time he stops on a multiplier you will receive the wagered amount that is active during the activation of the bonus game multiplied.

  • Live Infinite Blackjack
  • You might know it, you go to a casino on the mainland, but all the blackjack tables are occupied. You have to place money in an area where other players make choices for you. This is also called the “bet behind” in the live casino. With Live infinite blackjack you no longer have this problem. Evolution Gaming has created this exciting blackjack game and ensured that an unlimited number of players can play in each round.
    Infinite Blackjack in een live online casinoInfinite Blackjack in a live online casino
    Only one hand is dealt and everyone chooses what they want to do from that point on. Individually, players can split the cards, double bet, instant pass, hit or insure the hand. Additional side bets such as 21+3, Hot 3, Six Card Charlie Rule, Perfect Pairs and Bust It are available. With these bets, it is possible to win higher payouts at live blackjack online.

    Conclusion lets you understand the advantages and disadvantages of live casinos. We think it’s important that you’re not just aware of the nice things that come with online gambling. As with any advantage, it also has its disadvantage.