A conflict over a casino bonus. What now?

Casino bonuses are used by online casinos to reward players or to bring in new players. One bonus is even better than the other. However, there are almost always certain conditions attached to a bonus.

We recommend all players to first look at the terms of the bonus. This way you can decide if the bonus is indeed that nice and if it pays to grab this bonus.

What do I do if I have a conflict about a casino bonus?

It can of course happen that you and the casino do not agree on a certain casino bonus. Maybe the casino is not paying out everything they promised? Or maybe you received less bonus than you were entitled to? There may be many reasons why you are having a conflict over a casino bonus. Here are a few tips on what you can do to resolve it.

All contact should always be by email

Of course, you contact customer service first. It is important to first resolve the problem with the casino itself. It is very important that there is a copy of all communications. If the problem goes beyond the casino, you need to be able to prove what happened.

The easiest way is to do everything by email. Write down your complaint in an email and send it to the casino. Also save all replies and other correspondence. Hopefully it will be resolved immediately with customer service. If not, you do have all the evidence in hand.

What if it is not resolved?

If you have tried everything and failed to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, then it is advisable to seek help from outside parties. For example, you can start by contacting the source of the promotion that ultimately brought you to that particular casino. You can find information about this in the promotional email you received, or on the website where you found the bonus. Usually they can get in touch with the casino to assist you in your dispute.

Hopefully this will help resolve your dispute. But if after taking these steps you still don’t get the result you hoped for, then there are a number of alternative actions you can take. You can get in touch with regulatory authorities, or you can complain on various consumer forums for online casinos. These days an online reputation is very important. So if you complain publicly, you’ll often be heard sooner.

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Complain to the GPWA

The Gambling Portal and Webmasters Association (GPWA) is a world-renowned forum where online gamblers can tell their stories. It is also known as the Players Corner. It is an online forum where visitors can complain, and get advice from other players.

Thanks to its long history, the GPWA has a huge customer base. So you can almost be sure that there is always someone who can help you. You’ll see how easy it is to meet someone who has a contact at the casino you’re having problems with. Everyone is there to help each other. So you have a good chance of resolving the conflict this way.

Complain to the software developers

If you have already tried everything, and nothing works out, you have the option to contact the software developer. Especially when it comes to problems with bonuses and withdrawals they like to know if something is wrong. They give casinos a license to offer their slots. So they have a lot of power, and also their reputation is at stake. Many developers have a player dispute service specifically to solve these kinds of player problems.

It doesn’t matter what kind of game it is. It can be sports betting, casino games, bingo, or slots. Chances are even that the developer is already familiar with the problem, because others have also complained. They will be happy to help you with a conflict, and will get in touch with the casino in question to resolve the issue.

Complain to the eCOGRA

The e-Commerce & Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance, or eCOGRA, was founded around 2010 by two major video slot developer, MicroGaming and Cassava. It functions as an independent regulatory body for a still poorly regulated industry. You can recognize casinos that meet the requirements by the prestigious seal of approval.

Only casinos that meet the strict requirements of eCOGRA are offered the prestigious seal of approval. The seal is usually found somewhere on the home page and reads Play it Safe. It is one of the most trusted seals in the industry. Therefore, you can assume that the casino is legitimate that gambling there is safe.

Online casinos that belong to the eCOGRA group have a dispute form somewhere on their site. Players can fill it out and send it to the casino. The latter will do its utmost to find a satisfactory solution to the problem. To do so, they follow the guidelines established by eCOGRA.

Complaining on an online casino forum

An online forum is usually the first place a person will look when faced with a conflict over a casino bonus. Unfortunately, it is not always effective. Still worth a try if all other methods have been unsuccessful. The important thing is that you are seen by the casino with which you have a conflict.

After all, online reputation is everything for the casino. If they see you complaining about them on a forum, or social media, they will be more likely to contact you to resolve the issue. They hope you will write positively about the casino again afterwards. It is also possible that the casino will get more pissed off at you and make things even more difficult. So you take a risk when you make your conflict public. So it is only advisable if all else fails.