A casino host in Las Vegas has to deal with quite a few things

When you take a gamble at a casino in Las Vegas, you want to make it a nice trip or evening. Winning something is always fun, but if you get something for free and know how to enjoy yourself, that’s also very important. After all, you go out for a good time.

The casinos of course also know that it is important to make the players happy. Especially for this service they employ casino hosts.

What do you do as a casino host?

In order to get all this done you, as a player in the casino, need someone: namely your host. This is not the croupier who runs the game at the table you’ve chosen but someone who welcomes you to the casino and offers you a nice evening. With a bit of luck, then, you’ll find an entertaining person as a croupier, who knows how to make it as fun as possible for the players and keep the game moving in the right direction.

Working as a host in the casino seems like a dream job for most people. After all, you’re dealing with customers who come for a fun night out, who want to play a game and whom you can make comfortable. However, it’s not all as rosy as you might think because even croupiers sometimes have to deal with gamblers who aren’t that nice.

These include people who have had a little too much to drink, people who are addicted to gambling or those who blame their losses on the croupier or other casino employee. Who, of course, can do little about it.

Of course, the customer is always king but it’s not always pleasant at the casino. A host who prefers to remain anonymous, wants to expose and tell how things can go in the world where a lot of money is involved but where not everything that glitters is also gold with glitter and glamour.

Not always nice

One example that is cited is the customer who makes the most input into the casino. If so the host: the lady in question first came a few times a year, but the visit becomes more frequent. Especially now that she is losing more and more. The amounts are getting larger, so she loses more, but it’s certainly not getting any cozier.

And no matter how favorable it may seem to the casino, customers who win are a better advertisement than those who keep losing. She may come back again and again to try to recoup her losses but this rarely happens in practice.

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Tips really aren’t always great

Now you might think that in a world where a lot of money is involved, a host or hostess would also often get big tips. This is just not always the case. Especially when people lose, they give no or a very small tip and it has even happened that people wanted the tip they had given back. Nice is different, of course.

Not everyone keeps it clean

Do you think every visitor to the casino keeps it clean? Again, this is not always the case. The croupier is usually the first point of contact and he or she sometimes gets the full brunt of the blame. A hostess or host can just walk away, but not the croupier, who will be told off, especially when people lose. But the host can also be insulted or threatened by customers.

Usually little personal contact

The better games of throw-and-smile at the tables regularly occur when people are angry. The host does not always get the full brunt of the blame, and not always in person, but contact is often made by telephone. Gamblers are sometimes just too cowardly to do it in person but they also know that records are kept of visitors and that they are not welcome anymore if they go too far.

Illegal business is generally not too bad

Now do you think there is a lot of illegal business going on at the casino? Now that’s actually not too bad. There is hardly ever a request for drugs and there are some prostitutes present but these are often just customers. They just like to gamble. They can often be found at the slot machines and especially in clubs, also hoping to pick up customers there.

A compliment now and then is nice

As a host or hostess you need to please your customers as much as possible. Sometimes you’ll come across players who play big and hardly bet at all, but there are also players who are really nice, know what they’re doing and that you can win or lose. They also often thank you and that is just fine. A compliment or thank you is something everyone can use from time to time.

The host is not the casino’s customer service but he is the contact person

So, do you like the job and are you very customer friendly? Once upon a time it was the case that you could please the customers and that would be the end of it. People took it as it was but unfortunately that is no longer the case. They also take the opportunity to complain about all sorts of things that a host can’t even do anything about. They are not customer service but of course they want everyone to have as much fun as possible. So it is best to complain about something to the person who is responsible for it.

Compensation is sometimes demanded

Many tourists also come to Las Vegas for the nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Especially the younger crowd doesn’t just come for the gambling anymore. If they lose money or pay a lot for something, they sometimes complain. At home or elsewhere it is often so much better. We know better and also that they only do this to get some compensation. Whether or not in the form of money, drink, gifts and so on.

Consider carefully if this job is for you

It is striking that people sometimes change completely when they win or especially when they lose. If they win, nothing is wrong and they play nice. If they lose, they can suddenly change and become unfriendly, mean and even rude and what they say is not always nice. So should you be considering this job? Then maybe think again. And yes, there are some really fun aspects to it and there is something everywhere, but working in the casino is not just fun.