10 things about roulette

Besides the fact that roulette is of course a game of chance, you can actually increase your chances of winning with the right strategy.

That way roulette is not only a fun night out, but you can also go home with a nice profit at the end of the night. And those roulette strategies? They are also easy to understand and implement. Here are 10 things you absolutely must know about roulette.

1. One casino is not like another

It may seem obvious, but not all casinos are the same and the same goes for roulette. Check out the reputation of the casino before visiting so you know what to expect. For example, not every casino has a croupier.

This sounds strange, but the lesser casinos are much more likely to use a live roulette variant, where you bet and watch on a screen at the same time. In most cases, the game is actually played, but you are not there. Other larger casinos do use croupiers. The atmosphere of a casino is essential in casino games like roulette.

2. Europe versus America

Just as not every casino is the same, not every roulette table is the same. In fact, there is one major difference between European and American roulette; in American roulette you have lower odds of winning, although the difference is minimal.

This is because American roulette tables have a total of 38 numbers and European roulette tables have 37. In Europe, we only know the number ‘0’, while Americans know a ‘0’ and ’00’. This makes the house edge in American roulette greater than in European roulette.

3. Try it with virtual money first

10 things about rouletteAs with everything new, it is wise to play roulette with virtual money first, so that you don’t lose money right away. Although roulette is not difficult to understand in essence, without the risk of losing money you can better assess your chances of winning.

With virtual money, you first play roulette for free to get the feel of it, and then you’re the one who can visit land-based casinos with experience in the game. Online you have plenty of opportunities to play roulette without having to put up your own money, which you obviously don’t have in land-based casinos.

4. Learn more about payouts and losses

Roulette is a game with usually more than enough chances to win. Not only do you have the 37 (or 38) single numbers, but also the so-called 50/50 odds; red/black, even/even, higher/lower. Your payout here is always 2x the bet. In addition, you have dozens and rows, where your payout is 3x the bet. Do you really want to gamble? Then you can bet on quarters, on 6 numbers with one bet, on halves and of course on whole numbers. In roulette, anything is possible to win, so it is advisable to have seen everything first.

5. Physical casinos versus online

Gambling online or in a land-based casino is a world of difference. Of course payouts are the same, but you have a completely different feel online than in a land based casino. In a land casino, you hold your wager tangibly, whereas online you have less of a feeling with your money. This can cause you to spend money more easily online than in a land casino such as Holland Casino. Also, the atmosphere in a land casino with other people is of course very different.

In a land casino you can also learn more from other players and how they approach the game. By the way, roulette in an online casino is generally faster.

6. Rational or emotional?

Roulette is a game of emotion, but it can also be a game of rational thought and this involves strategies. Obviously, after a lost round you want to make up for your losses immediately and roulette actually invites you to bet quickly and a lot. In the past, however, strategies such as the Angelika strategy have proven that rational thought during a game of roulette can help you win. Never let emotion take over.

7. Live dealers create atmosphere

Let’s face it: Croupiers in a live casino really make it an event to participate in roulette. The quick work of the hands, the spinning of the ball, the handing out of winnings or the taking back of your bet; croupiers make the game. Online, you usually miss the experience of the croupier, which is what actually makes roulette what it is.

8. Set a win limit

Roulette is exhilarating and especially when you win it can go to your head. Therefore, before you start playing roulette, it is wise to set a win limit for the evening. This will prevent you from playing unnecessarily long and your winnings will eventually evaporate.

It’s also wise to only play with money you can afford to lose. Never play roulette with money you can’t afford to lose or, worse, have to borrow.

9. Put your winnings away

This point actually ties in with the previous point of having a profit limit. As the game goes on you are bound to win and lose. Make sure that after a positive round, you put away some of your profits so that you always keep writing in the black (no losses).

Putting away profits will ensure that you don’t go on a wild spree trying to recoup any losses later, but it does require a certain discipline.

10. Roulette is a social affair

If there is one thing we can say about roulette, it is that this casino game is a great place to socialize. At a roulette table, you usually meet a very diverse group of people that you would never have met otherwise. The excitement and action of roulette makes it easy to make contacts and ensure that you all have a good time. Now all you have to do is win!

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