10 Smart Online Casino Tips

On this page you will find smart tips to use at the casino. Although these tips will help you, you must understand that they will not help you beat the casino.

The online casino always has an edge. Gambling online sometimes brings advantages and can help increase the chances of winning or extend gambling sessions. Use the casino tips below to make your experience at online casinos more enjoyable and take advantage of many gambling bonuses!

10 tips when playing at an online casino

  • Tip 1: Take advantage of casino bonuses
  • Every online casino offers casino bonuses. It’s up to you which one you take advantage of. As a new player you have plenty of choice and you can either choose a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus is called the welcome bonus. This is often the highest and most popular among players. After all, it is the casino bonus with which online casinos try to distinguish themselves to attract players. We recommend that you take advantage of casino bonuses, provided the bonus terms are good. More about this at tip 10 on this page.

  • Tip 2: Play at a reliable online casino
  • Gambling online is fun and you can play your favorite casino games from a comfortable place. But it’s extremely important that you do play at a reliable online casino. Especially if you decide to gamble with real money and make money transactions through your own bank. You need to enter personal data to register an account and you don’t want this data to be leaked. Trustworthy casinos handle your data well, which is why it’s best to test the reliability of an online casino before playing there.

  • Tip 3: Check payout rates
  • Payout percentages apply to casino games. It means how much money a game pays out based on a certain bet. These percentages are based on thousands or millions of hands, spins and/or turns. When you play an online slot with a payout percentage of 95%, your expected loss is €5 per €100 bet. This is how online casinos make money, with a pre-built advantage. By knowing the payout percentages of casino games you can calculate in advance on which game you have the best chance of winning money.

  • Tip 4: Play blackjack according to a basic strategy
  • Online blackjack is a card game that determines the house edge based on your own skills. The more skills you have, the lower the house edge and the more likely you are to win a hand. By following a basic blackjack strategy you are guaranteed to make the right decision in every situation. We recommend using a blackjack strategy and choosing the right game variants. The rules of the game have a big influence on the house advantage. But more about that below!

  • Tip 5: Play the right games
  • Choosing the right games to play on is important in order to have optimal chances of winning. Take roulette for example; there is European, French and American roulette available in an online casino. American roulette comes with a double zero, French roulette comes with the La Partage rule. While American roulette has a greater house edge due to the added zero, French roulette offers a lower house edge because players can leave half of their bet if the ball lands on the zero while placing a bet on a single chance such as red or black.

    Furthermore, you have specific game rules for online blackjack. For example, one game variant may pay out 6:5 for a blackjack, while other game variants do have the correct game rule, which is a payout of 3:2 for a blackjack. Dealers also have rules that they must follow. For example, they must match a soft 17 in some game variants. Then you have the number of decks being played with, these also affect the odds of winning. In any case, plenty of things to consider when picking your favorite game variant.
    VIP playersOnline casinos often have special VIP packages

  • Tip 6: Choose an online casino with a VIP system
  • You should already decide in advance whether you’re going to visit an online casino once or more often. There are VIP bonus systems that reward players for their loyalty. Per wagered amount on casino games players can collect points and turn them in for cash bonuses or free spins. The great thing about a VIP casino bonus is that they come with low wagering requirements. Sometimes as a VIP player you only have to clear a bonus 3 times, whereas for a welcome bonus it is about 35 times.

  • Tip 7: Understand that you will lose in the long run
  • Every online casino game offers the house a small to large advantage. This is called the house edge. Casino games make money for the casino the longer you keep gambling. The higher the house edge, the more money the online casino theoretically makes and will eventually make in the long run. Choose casino games where you can influence the odds to reduce the house edge. Games like blackjack and video poker are suitable for this.

  • Tip 8: Always try free games first
  • Online casinos offer most of their games for free. The live casino offers games that do require gambling with real money. We recommend that you try any game for free first if you don’t know the rules. It is important that you know the rules of every game you play before you start placing haphazard bets with real money. By focusing specifically on casino games that you know, you are guaranteed better odds of winning – especially on games where every decision has an impact. Moreover, as an experienced gambler, you may also want to try out new games or see which casino strategy works best.

  • Tip 9: Test deposit and payout methods
  • If you want to gamble with your own money online then you should check which deposit and payout methods are accepted. Is your own trusted deposit method among them? Then you can deposit using your own trusted method. Paying out will also have to be done once. Check out in advance which methods you can use to deposit and cash out so you always have the choice of which method to use to cash out winnings. And as for depositing, it’s always handy to have more choice for when you’re a member of multiple e-wallet services like Skrill, Neteller and Paypal, for example.

  • Tip 10: Read the bonus terms carefully
  • Before you claim an online casino bonus you should always read the bonus terms carefully. It contains detailed information on how to play a casino bonus and what kind of wagering requirements apply. It also explains which games have a lower percentage of bonus playthroughs. Table games, for example, contribute only 20% to 25% while online slots contribute 100%. It is important to know which online casino games are best to play on in order to clear a bonus. By looking at the payout percentages of slots, you can determine what you have the best chances of winning at.

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    Make use of the smart online casino tips in this article and be assured to have a great time. Get to know a legion of online slots, different table games or games with live dealers. At an online casino you have a larger selection than at land-based casinos. Moreover, casino bonuses are available and you can take advantage of recurring casino promotions. Sign up at one of the casinos in our compiled list and be assured of a good bonus.