10 casino bonus rules

Be it with the use of free spins or with the free money given at casinos, bonuses are interesting to make use of.

Different bonuses

When you start gambling at an online casino you will quickly see that there are a lot of opportunities. It’s not just welcome bonuses for new players that are interesting.

A reload bonus, free money bonus, cash back bonus, no deposit bonus or free spins bonus can also be beneficial. One disadvantage is that bonuses can never be cashed out right away, but that you have to clear them. What is the best way to do this? We will tell you 10 rules to get this done.

  • 1.Check the percentage and maximum amount
    Before you start gambling with casino bonuses it is wise to check how you can get the maximum out of a bonus. Casinos today not only offer different maximum bonus amounts but also vary in terms of percentages.

    If the maximum bonus at a casino is €150 on a 100% basis you will have to deposit this same amount to collect the maximum bonus amount. Is depositing less an option? It is possible, but not wise. After all, this way you’ll miss out on bonus money, which you’ll never be able to catch up with. After all, the first deposit only applies once.

  • 2. Review bonus terms before clearing
    Bonus money can never be cashed out directly at an online casino. This is to protect the credit rating and of course to keep players bound. In order to cash out bonus money you need to clear it. Within our 10 rules to unlock casino bonuses, this one is very important. You should check the terms and conditions of a promotion before taking advantage of it.

    The amount of bonus you receive can be released by wagering it X number of times. Usually this is between 15x and 50x. If you look at the bonus conditions, it is in most cases beneficial to find the lowest possible release condition. After all, the sooner you can use the money to cash out or make winnings that you can have paid out.

  • 3. Check which games are valid for free play
    As you can read in our disadvantages of a casino bonus article, it’s not possible to clear a bonus on every game. Usually casinos state that casino bonuses can be cashed out by playing the money on slots or the other game category.

    Popular table games and video poker, among others, are often largely excluded or count for a lower percentage. If you play a euro on a slot it will be counted as a whole euro. Do you play a whole euro on blackjack, for example? It could be that only 10% of the free play is taken into account. This means that with that one euro, you have only met the requirements with 0.10 eurocent. These limitations can also be found in the bonus conditions of the online casino in question.

  • 4. Always clear your balance before upgrading it again
    Nowadays there are quite a few online casinos that offer welcome bonuses based on various deposits. For example you might get 100% bonus on your first deposit and another 50% bonus if another deposit is made.

    If this is the case you will always have to clear your balance first before making a new top up. Don’t do this? Then there is a risk that you as a player will not be able to receive any follow-up bonus within the welcome package. Incidentally, it may be that a casino sets the free play conditions and that you are therefore bound by them. Should this happen because you didn’t know? Be sure to contact a casino’s helpdesk. In many cases they will meet you halfway by canceling the terms of a bonus you didn’t get.

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  • 5. Look for casino bonus limitations
    Not all casinos have the intention of making clearing a bonus actually achievable. On our site you will find only fair casinos, but still this point is important. When you’re looking for the best casino bonuses, you should pay attention to a number of conditions. For example, it’s good to see if there’s a maximum amount that can be paid out in winnings with a bonus. What is the playthrough requirement and does it only apply to the bonus amount?

    Some also count the amount you deposited with the amount of casino bonuses that must be cleared. In short, always pay attention before gambling at a casino with a bonus.

  • 6. Consciously gamble with bonus money to clear it
    Many people think that casino bonuses can be released by playing as much money as possible on the games. Don’t, because you may encounter limitations in this area as well. For example, on a slot you may be allowed to play a maximum of €5 to €10 per spin to unlock a bonus. Others, for example, choose to play on roulette first with large amounts on color or even / odd. Are you doing this to win big? Then please note that a casino does not stipulate in its terms and conditions that you must show “normal” betting behavior. Any winnings made on this basis may be rejected for payment and, of course, no one wants that.
  • 7. Keep track of how much money you have left to wager
    If you are using a casino bonus you should of course keep an eye on the amount of money you have left to play. This means that you should check how much money you still have to play before your bonus balance can be cashed out. At online casinos you can often find a separate bonus page when you are logged in to your account.

    By the way, this does not have to be the case, but then there is another trick to check this. In that case you will have to go to the payout page. There you will find the amount you can pay out, is this not much or even 0? Then you will not have fulfilled your obligations yet. The bonus amount + your deposit together is the minimum you want to have paid out after you have cleared your account. By the way, this can be higher, because then any winnings will have been added as well.

  • 8. Casino bonuses may be refused
    Many people think that receiving a welcome bonus is compulsory and therefore they refrain from gambling online. Definitely not! Even though we always take advantage of casino bonuses, you are not obligated to do so. You can refuse a bonus even after registering at the casino. Moreover, you can also decide not to take part in interim promotions and only gamble with your own money.

    Why people might refuse a casino bonus. As you have read, there are many things involved in unlocking casino bonuses. If you don’t feel like it and want to go straight for the money, it might be wise to pass up a bonus. On the other hand, bonuses do allow you to earn bigger profits. So in this area it’s all up to you!

  • 9. Forgo your bonus for big winnings
    Did you win a large amount of money, but haven’t met the bonus conditions yet? In many cases it is possible to have your bonus withdrawn. You can then keep the winnings, but are no longer obligated to meet the wagering requirements. Note that the casinos will still deduct the entire bonus money you received from your balance. By forgoing a casino bonus you are no longer entitled to it. If you intend to forego a bonus you will not always find this option in the terms and conditions. The smart thing to do is to always contact a casino’s customer service department to discuss the possibilities.
  • 10.Ask your questions to customer support
    Do you have questions about the best casino bonuses on our site or at a specific casino? It is always possible to submit questions to the online casinos customer service. They are available for any question and always in different ways. One obvious option is to send the casino an email. At some casinos you’ll find an email address for this purpose and at others you can simply submit your questions by filling out a contact form.

    Furthermore a casino often has a live chat and telephone contact option. Customer service hours do vary in this regard, which we also reflect in our reviews. Do you think that the questions you have at a gambling site are common? Then be sure to check out the FAQ of the customer service. There you will always find answers to frequently asked questions!